Chi-Town Kruze June 4th

While not an official Chicago MINI Motoring Club event, the Chi-Town Kruze will take place on Saturday June 4th. There will be a classic car show, and open drive on scenic Lake Shore Drive.

What better place to show off your MINI among a large number of car enthusiasts. If enough people are interested, we can meet at some location, and head for Lake Shore Drive en mass for a little bit of a MINI Cruise.

Post here if you are interested!!

Kings Island June 18th


The event price is going to be $45. This will include admission to the regular park and the water park, parking, and catered breakfast and dinner. We will have the ride to ourselves for the first hour of the day. Opening is at 10:00am. There is also a tour drive complete with rally flags that will start at 7:30am in Oxford OH and end at the park around 8:30am where a breakfast will be available. There will
be a BQ for dinner somewhere in the park. They are working on a car show and some other stuff. Tickets will be purchased online but that is still
in the works.

The hotel in Cincinnati is the Kirkwood Inn. The deal is $74.95 per night which includes breakfast. To reserve a room call 1-800-732-4741 and mention the MINI group. They have up to 35 rooms available.


Details are still a bit sketchy, but it is looking like there will be a MINI event on June 18th around the opening of the Italian Job Roller Coaster at Paramount Kings Island park near Cincinnati Ohio

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.. Here are additional links to info at MINI2 and at North American Motoring as well as in the MINIUSA Owners lounge.

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We had over 30 cars brave the slightly chilly early spring tempratures and headed out for the drive. After a bit of a slow start, we got on to some fun back country roads, and re-visited Snake Road, and the “roller coaster” (Alden) road. Millie's did a great job accomodating our larger and later than expected crowd. We even spied a “skunk works” group of Scions doing product testing on Snake road (I could have sworn I heard a supercharger wail comming out of an xB).

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Thanks to the people at Patrick MINI for doing the filming. If anyone has photos or albums from the ride, send them along to me, and I will see if I can post a few.

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Club Membership Cards are out!!

After a HUGE delay in delivering Club Membership cards, we are finally back on track. All the outstanding membership packets are hitting the post office tonight, and you should be getting them later this week.

I want to thank all who have had to put up with way too long a wait. You have been very patient with us, and we appreciate it. We have extended the membership renewal dates for those who have had to wait.