Fall Drive – Starved Rock Oct. 17th

Save the date!!

We are working out plans for a Fall Drive to Starved Rock State Park in Utica Illinois on Sunday October 17th.

All the details are not in yet, but we will be starting from Patrick MINI in Schaumburg, gathering at about 8:30, and leaving at about 9:00.

We will be making a short rest stop along the way at Euroquipe in St. Charles. They are a repair shop for BMWs and Porsches, and now MINIs as well.

After that, one of our Club members has planned out a tasty route sampling some of the local roads down to Starved Rock, which may include a short stretch of gravel road (there will be an alternate route for those who don't want to get dirty). I am sure we will have a few highway miles on the way as well.

Fall colors should be hitting their stride, so it should be a nice day to hang out and have some fun

If you are interested, please reposnd to the Roll Call post

22 thoughts on “Fall Drive – Starved Rock Oct. 17th

  1. I'll definitely be there if we get the new one in time. BTW, if anyone wants to take that drive, but wants to stay out of gravel, there is an alternate route. You will miss out on a few of the best twisties in the drive though.

  2. Okay, my first post here. :o) Would like more information. New member here, anxiously awaiting my membership card. My fiance thinks I am insane (she could be right). :o)

    Never done one of these, but would love more info so I can plan it out. Is this an all day thing, overnight thing, what is done when not driving, etc.

    What questions am I not asking that I should be asking?

    My '05 Chili Red MCS is getting more fun to drive every single day. 3 weeks, 2 days old and almost 1100 miles.

  3. We are still working out the details, but this drive will be a much of the day event (Starved rock is about 90 miles from Chicago)..

    We will be doing a group drive down there, exploring a few interesting area roads.

    Bring along an FRS radio if you have one to either listen in, or help the group mostly stay together (we usually have the lead and tail cars with radios, and a few in the middle).

    We are working on an interesting stop off point part way down for a little driving break.

    When we get to the park, I imagine we will be mostly on our own to explore/hang out.. probably people will head back to Chicagoland on their own or in more informal groups later in the day.

    We will be working out a time schedule and more details soon.. Stay tuned!

  4. Hey GSK:

    I'd say the #1 thing new motorers will want to have is an FRS radio (thanks, Steve, for the mention). It's an unusual thing to drive in a caravan of Coopers, and even the more experienced among us will make a wrong turn somewhere, or get stuck at a light, or something, and that radio is the best way to know you're going to be okay. 馃檪 #2: full tank of gas, and #3: some good CDs.

  5. gravel roads are okay for a ralley, just keep a good distance (stone chips and blinding dust) and your HIGH beams on. If anyone wants help with a pre-run, just PM me & Tommy.

  6. Thanks for the info. Definitely continue to keep me and everyone else in the loop. :o)

    Wondering if you HAVE to have a MINI to go on the ride? I have a friend with a 427 Cobra Replica who I've been twistie hunting with and mentioned Starved Rock. He's been on drives where there are “bastard” cars along as well. Not sure what the protocol is for these rides? Thanks! :o)

    I will indeed pick up a radio too, thanks for the tip. :o)


  7. Have your friend bring the Repla-Cobra out.. Well try not to hold him up on the straight parts if he doesn't hold us up on the twisty bits 馃槈

  8. I can bring an extra radio, or two, or three, for whoever needs to borrow them. They use 3 AA batteries. Just let me know.

  9. Our replacement is waiting to board a train to the port. It's all finished as of today. We're keeping our fingers crossed it'll be here on time. If it's here we'll be going to St. Louis for their fall ralley on the 16th. I don't like the idea of having to break in the car again so I want to get it out of the way asap. 馃槈

  10. Pat-

    Two things:

    I was told there is no real break in period. Some say there is, some say you don't have to worry about it. I've had my '05 MCS 4 weeks today and have over 1500 miles on her now and have driven like crazy, hence no break in caution. So far so good, hopefully it won't bite me in the boot later. :o) Anyone have different experience(s)?

    Second… New to the MINI Club site, but you said replacement. Did you have a MINI that went somewhere? Seriously, if it was an accident, curious to know how the MINI handled since I now drive one every day. I know she's rated well, but nothing beats real world testimony.

    Thanks! :o)


  11. If my new MCSC arrives in time, I will be there. If anyone else needs to break in their new Mini, we should group up. It is going to be tough sticking to the break-in period guidelines especially on a trip like this.

    Also, I have never been to Starved Rock. Is it a trip that I can bring my dog on?


  12. G.,
    Yes, I had a Cooper that we purchased July 03. At the end of July this year I was on an exit ramp on the interstate and a deer ran out in front of me. I was on a curve and slammed on the brakes, lost control, went off the road and rolled it. The car held up very well and lost it's life to keep me in one piece. After 1 year and 13,000 miles it lost $375 from sticker price. We ordered a new S the next day the dealership was open, which was August 2nd. We are keeping our fingers crossed it'll be here in time.

    Chicago Gator,
    I am not sure on the dog idea. I'll check into it this weekend and let you know. I'm also not sure what other things that the club has planned. I do know they have a nice restaurant and bar with reasonable prices if people wanted to eat there. It sounds like this may be an all day thing. I'mm planning on stops about every 45 minutes for breaks and such. If your dog won't be a hassle and the park allows dogs I'd say go for it.

  13. Chicago Gator,

    I checked with the State Park..

    “Yes, we allow pets here as long as they are on leashes less than ten
    feet long, have plenty of water, and you pick up after them. We have
    pet litter bags in the visitor center if you need them.”

  14. Sounds great! Can't deprive my puppy of the first top-down motoring trip. He has his seat belt harness all ready to go. A coworker also said that one of the restaurants at the park will serve your dog a burger.

    As for my MCSC getting here in time, it is waiting at the port in Southampton. So, (fingers crossed) I should be able to make it.


  15. Maggie and I have finally gotten a Sunday off together that coincides with a MINI drive. Haven't done this since the Fall Drive last Oct. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
    Fifteen thousand miles the first year, five thousand the last ten months,MINI's chompin at the bit. Need to break-in her new tranny.
    See you all there.


  16. We'll watch for details as it would make more sense for us to meet you there, wherever that turns out to be. Right now, being there depends on a few other family responsibilities, but we'll try.

  17. On MINI's website they say my car is en route!!! I just may have the car in time after all! YAY! By the way, there is no more gravel roads. They put down tar and chips a while back and it looks and feels just like asphalt now. So noone has to worry about taking an alternate route now.

  18. My MCSC is now on the trek across the ocean aboard Freedom. It is scheduled to arrive in South Carolina on Oct 4th. Hopefully the VDC and dealer prep will be swift and have it to me in time for this trip.

  19. I have a friend here in town that will also be joining us with his MINI also. I've been trying to get him to go on a drive with us and he's gonna go now. So count one more in please.

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