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What an incredible experience to hang with 300+ MINIs and to be able to drive on the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

A dozen Chicago area motorists met up, and took a day trip down to Indy to join up with the MINI Takes the States cross country tour.

After a quick drive down and a brief tour of the neighboring Indianapolis speedway area we pulled into the well run registration site, and parked with 300+ other MINIs. There was a chance to view just about every color, mod, and graphic available including a number of the new GP models. MINI and sponsors provided a reception area with snacks as well as tickets to view the Speedway Museum and take a bus tour of the track.
After a brief drivers meeting, we started up our engines and took a parade lap around the track. There were so many MINIs that the tail end of the line was still pulling out onto the track as the leaders were finishing. It was an amazing feeling to view the track, corners and to come down the main straight and see the wall of grandstands ahead.


It was so cool just hanging out at our post lap meetup spot and watching dozens of MINIs drive around town in all different directions. We took a dinner stop at Mug n’ Bun, invaded a gas station for a top-off, and took off into the twilight and sporatic sprinkles for the late drive home.

MINIUSA did a fantastic job keeping things organized and providing a great venue to promote the MINI community. All the volunteers from the MINICCI and from the Speedway made everyone feel at home.
HUGE thanks to Kevin and Patrick MINI for presenting Motoring Hearts awards for those donating, and for providing fantastic raffle prizes.

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Video from Tom | Rob hi-res | Rob lo-res
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12 thoughts on “MTTS Indy Wrapup

  1. What a great day!!! Thanks again to Kevin from Patrick for the Hearts Badge and the gas cards!! Once again, great to see so many familiar faces and getting to meet a few new people (hopefully we’ll see you at the next outing). It was definitely worth the trip and more! Other than the Dragon, I’ve NEVER seen so many MINIs in one place and at the same time.

    What I want to know is… Kevin, did that top EVER come up during the drive home???

  2. LOL !!!!

    Glad you could make it Dennis! it would have been a shame since it was almost in your backyard. Your timing yesterday to catch us was simply amazing!!!

  3. I had an absolute blast with the MTTS. I was glad to see so many Chicago friends come down to Indy. Glad to hear everyone made it home OK. I’ve added more pictures to my website which now includes St. Louis and Indy and I’ve done a little write-up on NAM.

    If they ever do this again….jump on it. It was definitely worth it.

  4. How great is it to be able to drive 450 miles in a line of MINIs?

    I wish I could have done more of MTTS, but I’m gald I got to drive all day with CMMC!!

  5. Had a great time meeting up with a few other Minis on their way down to St. Louis. The run between St. Louis and Indy was awesome. A big Thanks to Scooby (Robert) for the ESPN Skybox tixs to the game!

    I’ll get pics up as soon as I can, but it was great doing the one lap around the IMS and seeing other CMMC people there.

    Looking forward to the next event!

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  7. I wish I had a shot of that drive home with the top down!!!! So it IS true!! You CAN drive with the cabrio top down in the rain AND not get wet!!! How AWESOME!!! 馃檪

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