Radio Control Grand Prix (11/18)

UPDATE 11/15/2007: We have revised the start time to 10:30am because we don’t have a large enough group at this point to get in early.

Please park in area #34 (see map link Here)

Get ready for some Radio Control racing action!!

WHEN: Sunday Nov 18th 10:30am

WHERE: Raceline Motorworks Hawthorn Center Vernon Hills IL.

WHO: This is a private event for CMMC guests. Here is a link for where to park
and get in before regular hours.

WHAT: Sign up today for the Inaugural CMMC R/C Grand Prix. Three classes, Three Winners!

You will own your car after the event with everything you need to start a new hobby. Each driver will get bonus laps to use after the Grand Prix or on your next visit.

Please review each link below then sign up by adding a comment letting us know that you will be attending, and what car style you will be building and racing (the Falcon, Phantom, or Inferno)
The more we know before the event the more track time we all get.

The Classes:

The Falcon. Only $39.00 easy to build and drive F1 racer.

The Phantom. The next step up for speed and skill level at $49.00

The Inferno. The fastest racer of the day, speed costs $69.00

Note: Due to limited channels please do not bring R/C cars from home.

24 thoughts on “Radio Control Grand Prix (11/18)

  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea and how absolutely unfortunate that I won’t be able to attend. 馃檨 Have fun everyone. Take plenty of pics and maybe I can hit the “2nd annual” event! 馃檪 I think MrRCH and Steve will have a little advantage since I’ve seen their RC cars at plenty of events! 馃檪

  2. Hey Tom, you will be missed. However MrRCH and Steve, will NOT have the advantage, since we will all be driving NEW R/C cars just build. This is a DRIVERS event. All cars in the 3 classes are equal.

    Friends of CMMC, please read the very last line of the posting, before signing up.

    I’m going to hold off picking my car till I see where we need to fill in any racing field gaps.

  3. Awwww…. so i can’t bring my nitro fueled R/C car that hits 60mph?? well i guess that would give me somewhat of an advantage…lol

  4. Oh i guess i have to pick a class…hmmm considering my driving style i will have to go with the Inferno.

  5. Adam, please bring the nitro if it’s dry out for some parking lot fun near by after the GP. 馃檪

    Blake, your MCS is too big for the track. LOL

    This is a great Father Son Event, who wants to be my Father? 馃檪

  6. I have a classic dunebug style racer. If I can get I can get it running, I’ll bring it for the parking lot shootout.

    Inside, put me down for either the falcon or phantom.


  7. There is really no limit for attendance. Age, the 8 yr old would do fine, 4 yr old might have a harder time of it, but if Uncle GSK wants to bring them you are all more than welcome.

  8. OK, the schedule is working out. Put us down for at least one car, or two if you need it for the 20 person minimum. I don’t want to get creamed by the kid in RC cars. Losing at every Wii game in the house is bad enough.

  9. Something has come up and i will not be able to make it. have a good time guys, and i’ll bring my nitro car some other time.

  10. Post event update, Tommy, John, Blake, Anthony and I had a great time. Yes “The Kid” Tommy beat all of us by a mile, even after 3 of us got faster cars then Tommy!

    Tommy, YOU DA MAN!

  11. Great father & son event. Couldn’t get the yellow car out of Mom’s hands when we got home. Thanks for organizing.

  12. Good time, I have already caught the MOD bug. My RC GP has been lowered and a BBK installed!

    Thanks Dustin.

    Good to see you Anthony, Jim, Tommy and Dustin.

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