CMMC Spring Forward Drive March 9th

WRAPUP: A total of over 50 MINIs from the Chicago MINI Motoring Club and the MilwaukeeMINIs invaded the Lake Geneva area. We explored a few twisty back roads, and had a great time despite the not so spring-like weather. Francis raised quite a bit of money in Tom’s name with the MINIs Motoring Against Cancer banner, and associated raffle.

Huge thanks to Kevin, Dan, and Laurel from Knauz for opening up shop on an early Sunday morning and providing coffee and donuts to the caffeine and sugar deprived, Theresa from the MilwaukeeMINIs for teaming up with us, and to Dustin for planning the route and providing giveaways.

Please forward a link to your pictures to, and I will add them here..

Pictures by Tamara (requires free account)| Francis | Eric | Dan | Arnie | Chris | Caren | Tom |

It鈥檚 time to replace the Skis with wheels-n-tires on the front of our Cooper鈥檚 and Kick off the 2008 Driving Season.
Our friends at Knauz MINI [Map] will host our drivers meeting with coffee and donuts at 9am.

We will motor northwest to Burlington WI to meet our Milwaukee MINI motoring friends. After a restroom break and 2nd drivers meeting we head west.

The lunch location has been changed to Houlihan’s (with food for every budget and taste)in the Lake Geneva area.

CMMC will announce the winners of the 2008 club elections and share details about many new and exciting events for 2008.
This 3 leg route will be well over 100 miles, Knauz to Burlington, Burlington to The Lunch location and Houlihan’s south to the Volo split.

Sign up below to give us a head count for The Lunch.
Set your clock ahead one hour before going to bed Sat night.
Have a full tank of fuel.
Dress for the weather.
FRS Radio to stay informed along the way.

At a glance:

WHEN: Sunday March 9th at 9am

WHERE: Knauz MINI 409A Skokie Hwy, Lake Bluff to Burlington WI to Lake Geneva to Volo, Il

WHY: Just for fun!!

WHO: Anyone can come along. Please post a comment below so we can plan for the correct size for Lunch.

Check out this link to see what Francis is doing with the MINIs Motoring Against Cancer banner to help assist club member Tom. There will be an exciting raffle associated with Francis’s efforts, so be sure to check it out!!

80 thoughts on “CMMC Spring Forward Drive March 9th

  1. Dunno Blake. I’ll be there. If I can get the 14 inches of snow away from the storge bay door where the MINI sits, I’ll even bring it out!!!!

  2. Sounds like a blast, but will have to miss this one. Will be in Arizona, house and dog sitting for a week.
    Have fun hugging those curves.

  3. Count me in for 1 definitely and 2 probably. And hopefully it won’t be cold and snowy….an actual winter in chicago?!?!?!?! who would have thought!

  4. I will be there if the weather is OK. I have 1.5″ less clearance after installing H&R coilovers. What’s your route from Knauz to Burlington, I will try to intercept you….

    Charles High
    02 MCS
    Chief Instructor, Badger Bimmers

  5. While the weather is treading up and looks to be dry on March 9th it will still be cold. I have designed a new route to test Sat once I have tested it and make any adjustments needed we will have a nice route on the best pavement I can find. Thanks to Google for great maps and Street View in places only locals would go. :)Charles High please email me for route details at for intercept info.

  6. Gary and I should make it. please don’t snow, please don’t snow, please don’t snow. Car please start, car please start, car please start.

  7. well i got my MINI all back together and it is driving very well now. i am planning on being there with a buddy. should be a fun time and i am looking forwad to hopefully meeting a fun group of MINI enthusiasts

  8. Anyone from Racine/Kenosha area can meet our groups about 10:15am at This Link
    CMMC will be headed west on Burlington Rd from that intersection.

    The route is done, 2 roads were closed, it’s shorter but still fun. Karen vetoed Snake Road it is covered with ice and sand. We also have set aside parking at Houlihan鈥檚. The route is a nice mellow country drive at or under the speed limits.

  9. Hey all!

    Since my stem cell transplant has been pushed off for 3 weeks, I am planning on coming, barring any illess or the like! 馃檪 Of course, I’ll be coming via the Milwaukee MINIs route to Burlington. Can’t wait to see you all of you!

  10. Looks like we’re going to have a nice group on SUN!!! If anyone is interested, I’m bringing the MINIs Motoring Against Cancer banner and I’m raising money for the American Cancer Society for our friend and club member Tom (MiniShagz). If you’d like to sign the banner before it travels to AMVIV check out the thread here:

    also, we will be raffling off 4 – single passes for Chicago Indoor Racing (CIR). Click the link above for more details. Thanks for looking!! See you Sunday!!

  11. In addition to myself and Lena (counted somewhere above^^^) please raise the Head Count by TWO more MINI’s and TWO more heads (four heads are better than one). Our friend Michele will be joining us with her BRAND NEW MINI and she has invited another friend, SARI and her MINI. It’s their first Club Event and Drive 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  12. I’m looking forward to cruisn’ in my mini!! This will be my first adventure with the CMMC and I’ll probably be solo. BUT SERIOUSLY WHO CARES….I’VE GOT THE MINI!!! 馃檪

  13. Looks like we will have 2 full cars!(6 people)
    If the weather cooperates, maybe we could coax the Gherkin out of hibernation.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

    Worth repeating Francis…
    Looks like we鈥檙e going to have a nice group on SUN!!! If anyone is interested, I鈥檓 bringing the MINIs Motoring Against Cancer banner and I鈥檓 raising money for the American Cancer Society for our friend and club member Tom (MiniShagz). If you鈥檇 like to sign the banner before it travels to AMVIV check out the thread here:

    Hope you can make it Tom!:^)

  14. I’m with you Blake, hope it’s clear enough to take the MINI and it’s hard tires out for a spin. I started it Sunday to make sure I still could and cleared the snow out of the way. 馃檪


    02 DS/W MCS
    08 HC/S Clubman awaiting production (Thanks Laurel!)

  15. I’ve been tracking the weather and it’s changing every six hours. I know the roads were is good shape last weekend and trust they will be for the most part this Sunday. This will be a mellow drive. Our route moves us away from the lake front area very fast which will lower our risk of snow. The good news, most areas are out of salt 馃槈 Even I’m sick of this winter.

  16. In otherwords.. don’t take the snow tires off yetB^/
    Dustin~ we’ll be joined by a couple we met with 2 MINIs out of Hoffman Estates <~(I think). They have a silver and an o7 yellow with a travelocity gnome in it:^) (I suspect they will couple-up in that one) Be sure to welcome Tony and Robin!
    Kirsten is ck’ing with a Dr she works with to see he’s interested in coming… lic BRIT DR
    This could be a really big newbie event :^D
    Will Houlihan’s hold us all, or will we have to spill over into Popeye’s?
    Terri! You coming?

  17. At this time we are looking at about 100 people and growing. Houlihan’s is staffing up for us. 馃檪

  18. So, looks like a strong showing. That’s outstanding. Do ya’ll prefer Panera or Krispy Kreme? I lean toward the latter myself. Tally Ho Ya’ll!!!! Kevin

    P.s. Comet + Rudolph will be there to pet + smooch.

  19. Add one more to the list. See you all on Sunday. Panera and Krispy Kreme both sound good, just as long as there is some hot black coffee to go with it.

  20. Looking more and more like the MINI will emerge from the shop tomorrow. I went first thing this morning to renew the registration.

    All it needs is a rinse as it is all dusty from the long winter.

    My vote for breakfast is Panera. Thanks Kevin!

  21. Since Election voting is over, might as well vote for Breakfast.
    2 votes for Panera and a bump back for Tom.

    Francis(MiniMac2005) Mar 4th, 2008 Link
    Looks like we鈥檙e going to have a nice group on SUN!!! If anyone is interested, I鈥檓 bringing the MINIs Motoring Against Cancer banner and I鈥檓 raising money for the American Cancer Society for our friend and club member Tom (MiniShagz). If you鈥檇 like to sign the banner before it travels to AMVIV check out the thread here:

  22. Got my Hellas wired up and got a new Wisconsin temp tag for mine. If I get lazy and don’t re hang my bumper tonight we will be in my lovely wife Noreen’s Mini two votes for Panera (we already rsvp’d for the drive)

  23. Anthony, we will miss having you along and also miss your pics. Look forward to seeing you at the next event.

  24. That was a freaking blast!!! My camera got dropped and all the pics went down with it. Please post as many pics as possible wherever you can so I can pirate some! Thanks! Thank you to everyone who put work into this drive, your passion and dedication was very evident!

  25. Tony and I just wanted to say that we had a BLAST today! (I love driving fast!!) Thank you to everyone who did such a nice job planning everything. We also wanted to say thanks to Bruce and Becky for inviting us. We will be joining the club, so we hope to all of you in the near future.

  26. Any advice on a two way radio? There are so many out there. We borrowed one of Paul’s today – worked great. Thanks, Paul.

  27. It was great seeing everyone and meeting some of the new folks. Now none of you can say that I don’t drive my car in crummy weather. Here at home it is SUNNY and 42!!!

  28. I had a great time as usual. It was a blast following the MINI with the stuffed animals waving out the back window!!

    Thanks to everyone for participating..

    Please send links of pictures to and I will add them to the top of this post for all to view (please don’t send the actual pictures because I don’t have e-mail space for large attachments).

  29. Robin G. FRS RADIOS, these work well and were a great value.

    Best Buy $49.95 Two (2) Motorola radios w/ rechargeable batteries and cradle. 12 mile max and 22 channels. Part # Model: FV700R | SKU: 8341537

    EVERYBODY: Thanks for coming out to play. It was wonderful to see old friends and new faces. What a great showing. Our pictures coming soon…
    Thank you for your support and I assure you, we are already working on enhancements headed the clubs way.
    Happy Motoring!

  30. Great drive today. How many Minis did we have?

    Thanks to Dustin for organizing.

    Nice pics Tamara! Glad you were able to make it.

  31. Great to see old faces and new. Perhaps next year we’ll actually get to have a real spring drive. 馃檪

    One point of contention though, IMHO, it would be beneficial to see the route before the day of the drive.

  32. Great time. Anybody know the name of that “roller coaster” road we were on around Burlington ?

  33. Great time!! Thanks Dustin, and all those in planning!
    Route… (fun!)maps would be helpful, but I suspect we will still have navigational errors.%^o If you were with our group.. our missing Back Rd on 50 brought nothing but grins as everyone belined it back. The chaos the ensued was most agreeably memorable!!
    MINIs rock, and MINI owners are a breed apart!
    p.s. Great restaurant choice!

  34. Hey everyone! happy to see such a great turnout! I really wish everyone could have had the view I had when everyone came rolling up to Culver’s, it was quite a sight for sure!

    Wanted to also say thanks to everyone who either made a donation or bought raffle tickets in honor of Tom! I hope everyone had a chance to sign the banner. In one week, we were able to raise $1000!!!

    Special thanks to CIR, CooperCards, MC2, and our friends from MKE – Mike & Linda (Fabric Fusion) and Pat & Nancy (MINI watch) for their generous donations for the raffle prizes. Thanks again!

    I met so many new people I can’t get the names straight, but I do remember all of the smiling faces. MINI people are great or what?!?! We’ll see you at the next outing!

  35. Hey gang!

    I can’t say enough how much Sunday meant to me! The Spring Drive has always been a special one for me. Two years ago, it was my first drive with my newly broken in 06 MCS. Last year, it was my last drive before being diagnosed with cancer. This year, it is again my last drive for a little while, but in hopes of being on the road again soon.

    Thanks a million to Francis for putting together the fundraising for the ACS. I’m honored to be the “Banner Boy,” but I know that there are plenty of other folks whose lives have been touched by cancer. We’ve done something great and all deserve pats on the back.

    Thanks to Dustin for getting the drive together and plotted. Fun as always! And thanks to you all for all the support and great memories.

    Hope to be motoring with you all sooner rather than later! 馃檪


    P.S. My pics are still coming. Have to sort through them and post ’em.

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