Oak Lawn July 4th Parade

WRAPUP: We had a lineup of 9 MINIs participating in the parade on a beautiful July 4th morning. All the MINIs were shined up, decorated and ready to go. The parade route was packed with kids hoping for candy and toys. A fun time was had by all.

Pictures by: Dan | Steve | Kevin | Bill |

Video by: Kevin and Carolyn

UPDATE 06/29/2008: I have send out more detailed staging information to everyone who has commented on this post. If you are interested in attending, please add a comment.

This event will be televised on local Oak Lawn Cable Channel 4 on July 7th or 8th.

Shine up your MINI and participate in a parade!!

We have room for up to 24 MINIs to drive in the Village of Oak Lawn Fourth of July Parade.

WHAT: Parade

WHERE: 51st and 95th street, Oak Lawn(meet in the Metra parking lot)

WHEN: July 4th be at the parking lot before 9am Parade starts at 10am

WHY: Just for fun, and to show off your MINI

Clean and decorate your MINI. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring candy to toss to spectators along the route.

Please add a comment letting us know you are attending so we can plan for the correct amount of space.

23 thoughts on “Oak Lawn July 4th Parade

  1. We can bring our two mini’s; one CS Pepper White & one CS Clubman. Have been Zaino’d and are ready for summer.

  2. Is there still room? I will be traveling through with a ladybug MINI and might be able to talk one, two or three more MINIs into it also! 馃榾

  3. Is it first come will be in parade?

    Yep, you are in. Looks like we now have a dozen who have said yes on this site (including the maybes). Several others have said they are interested, but I haven’t seen them add a comment yet…

  4. Do the MINIS have to be decorated?

    No they do not, but please do make sure your car is looking nice and clean for the parade since we are showing them off.

    I’ll be decorating mine.. Blue painters tape is easy on and easy off and won’t stick to the paint.

  5. A bit more information. We will be lined up in rows of 2. Other participants will be throwing candy, so please watch for kids stepping off the curbs to pick up the candy.

    Please be there by 9.

  6. I was hoping to be there, but the new MCSC got sideswiped in the city over the weekend. And a banged up MINI is not parade-worthy. Sorry guys!!!

  7. Hi Jenny, so sorry to hear about your MINI, hope all will go well and be like new again. Take care.

  8. oohhh… Jenny 馃檨 that sucks. hope it wasn’t too bad. hopefully you won’t have to wait too long to get it fixed.

  9. Thanks everyone!!
    My family and I had a great time. Huge thanks to Cathy for bringing fantastic banana muffins.

    My Uncle Sam enjoyed the parade, and said he would go next year as well..

  10. Nice pics everyone! Actually, while attending the 4th parade in Glenview, I saw Tamara in the parade, sans MINI… But there were 2 Smart Cars in the parade, so that was a treat.

    Thanks for sharing!

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