CowaLUNGa bike tour

One of our CMMC Club members, Jonathan E. will be participating in the CowaLUNGa 190 mile bike tour on August 2nd-4th to help raise money to help the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago (RHAMC) .

Jonathan has offered some raffle prizes to our club members who choose to donate to help his cause.  

For all the details, check out this post.

  • Tamara

    Good luck on the ride! I’ll be you’ll be wishing it was a Mini drive toward the end….

    I’m sure I have stuff I can donate to the garage sale. I will send you an e.mail offlist.

  • Jonathan E.

    Hi Tamara,
    Thanks for the donation. In actuality, I am usually wishing I had the MINI on the 1st day. However by the 2nd and 3rd days, my body gets acclimated to the ride and I am good to go. As for the garage sale, I appreciate your willingness to donate to that as well.
    Thank you so much!

  • Bennett

    Hey Let’s Go!

    Having made numerous rides like this; I know A) how difficult the ride is, and B) how difficult it is to ask friends for money.

    Please check his link and support Jonathan if every member of our club just kicked in 5 or 10 bucks he will hit is goal (only $295).


  • Jonathan E.

    Hey a fellow cyclist!
    Thank you for the donation and promotion. I too would like to think that if everyone that I e-mailed gave even a dollar, I would surpass $1,000. However, I agree it is hard to ask anyone for money, hence I usually ask once and supplement with another means of raising funds. This year it happens to be a raffle for CMMC and NAM members, as well as the garage sale. Well, it’s looking good for you and Tamara. 2 donors, 3 prizes. Your odds look good.
    Thanks again Bennett!

  • Jonathan E.

    Thanks to all that have contributed. I just wanted everyone to know that this has been my best year ever fundraising and that there is still time to make it better. My team will be setting up at Wolff’s Flea Market (AllState Arena) at the end of the month, so any of your used/sellable goods are welcome. Monetary donations can be made until 9/5/08. I will award the raffle prizes shortly thereafter.


  • Jonathan E.

    This has been a great year. I raised $1,205 for CowaLUNGa while surpassing my humble goal of $300. This was also the best year ever for my cylcling club. Together we raised $2,905.
    I would to thank my fellow members, friends, and MINI owners for contributing:
    Tamara Hatten
    Bennett Cochran
    Francis Macasieb
    Dan Contreras
    Steve Rosenblum
    As for the raffle, there were three prizes; a Dragon Emblem (as shown on NAM), a $50 gift certificate for Aesthetic Creations, and a cash prize of $50. For every $5 a person donated, they received a single entry. So if you contributed $25, you got 5 entries for the raffle. Also, I can’t seem to find the Aesthetic Creations gift certificate, so I will substitute it with an equal cash amount. Also, everyone should thank Francis for volunteering not to take part in the raffle. Obviously that increased everyone else’s chances. With no further adieu, here are the winners.
    Tamara – Dragon Emblem
    Dan C. – (2 Prizes) $50