Wisconsin Overnighter info

Here are some more new details for our Wisconsin overnight drive to New Glaris.Check out this post and this post for earlier information..

WRAPUP:  19 MINIs  met up at the Beloit rest stop on a cold and drizzly morning.  The weather alternated from sunny to cloudy to rainy, but the roads were 100% fantastic the whole time.  Lots of twists and turns, ups and downs and very little traffic.  We pulled into Monroe and filled up the top level of the parking garage, and then proceeded to enjoy the Chili festival and other area attractions.   After lunch and picking up a few more MINIs, we headed off to more twisty back roads.  A fun attraction on this portion was a herd of cows galloping around the field, excited to see a herd of MINIs zipping past.  Our end of the day stop was a tour of New Glarus Brewery.  The following morning we said goodbye to a few people spending the day in the area, and welcomed a few new MINIs along for the drive.  After a fun and twisty drive to Mount Horeb, we enjoyed another town festival for a while, and off for the final leg to Monroe and a stop at a cheese factory.

Huge thanks to Paul and Barbara for the tremendous amount of planning and organizing that he put in to make this such a fantastic event!!  It was great to have so may people involved from all the area MINI (and Mini) clubs.  Thanks for coming out for a really fun weekend!!

Please e-mail links of photos to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I will add them here.

Photos by: Steve,Kathy & Pat, Paul&Kim | Kes | Dan | Arnie & Lena | Kevin & Carolyn | Sarah, Jerry and Laurel

WHEN:Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th

WHERE:Start at the Beloit rest stop off I90 [Map Link] we will be departing at 9am.Destination is in the New Glarus area.View Larger Map

THINGS TO BRING:  A full tank of gas,  clothes for the weather, a camera,  optional FRS radio tuned to Channel 1, Subchannel 1 (to help with car to car communication), and a smile!!


Times are approximate:


9:00 AM – Depart Beloit Information Center

11:00 AM – Arrive Monroe

Map of downtown Monroe with important locations for our arrival and departure

Lunch on your own. There will be a chili cook off on the square in Monroe. We’ll also suggest some places (Baumgartner’s)

1:00 PM – Photo op with all the MINIs on top of the Monroe parking garage or at alternate location depending on parking situation. If you are joining us in Monroe, please arrive before 1:00 PM.

1:30 PM – Depart Monroe

3:00 PM – Arrive New Glarus Brewing Company, and another photo op

Dinner on your own


Breakfast at the Chalet Landhaus Inn. Those not staying at the inn, $12.50 a person

10:00 AM – Depart Chalet Landhaus Inn

Join us for a scenic back roads drive to Mt Horeb and the world famous Mustard Museum, about a 1 hour drive

11:00 AM – Arrive Mt. Horeb

Lunch on your own

12:30 PM – Depart Mt. Horeb

We depart for a 2 hour drive back to Monroe via more back country roads

2:30 PM – Arrive Roth Käse Cheese Factory in Monroe

21 thoughts on “Wisconsin Overnighter info

  1. I should mention to everyone, if you can’t make it the Beloit rest stop by 9 AM, please feel free to meet us in Monroe. Please review the downtown map of Monroe for parking and meeting details (link is above).

    I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I’ve had planning it. It’s really been a blast! See you all this weekend!

  2. Replied earlier that we would join you in Beloit, but have since changed our plans and will join you in Monroe….for lunch if we can spot those Mini’s ….but will definitely be at the parking garage. Any change in agenda, please notify us.
    Looking forward to joining everyone.

  3. I just uploaded a map of downtown Monroe with details of where we’ll be. We expect to have space at the top of the parking garage for our group picture. If the garage is full and we can’t take our picture, there is another parking lot labeled ‘alternate meet up location after lunch’ on the map. We’ll go there around 1pm for the group picture. See you Saturday!

  4. Really sorry to have to cancel my trip. My car is now having check-engine issues and I’m just not comfortable coming on the trip. Have been calculating flat-bed charges from New Glarus to Chicago. lol Very bummed not to be there. Taylor

  5. This sounds like a lot of fun! Why does murphy always break my stuff on the days of trips?

    Have fun and drive skillfully/safe!

  6. OUTSTANDING drive and weekend … BIG thanks to Paul and Barbara for the advance route-planning, Steve for taking caboose-duty, and all who joined in —

  7. Amazing weekend. Special Thanks to Paul and Barb who worked so hard to make this such a perfect event ;•) and to everyone who participated. Without all of you, these events could not be as much fun.

  8. Huge thanks to Paul and Barbara for putting together an outstanding event!! This was one of the best we’ve had in a long time!

  9. from Madison…..had a fabulous weekend! Thanks to all who did the planning and to everyone for making us feel so welcome. Will look forward to joining you all again sometime in the future. You’ve got a great club!

  10. Thanks to Paul and Barbara and CMMC for a great weekend. Great road workout; let’s do it again,next year.

  11. Looks and sounds like you all had a great time. Sorry I missed it, but I was just departing Georgia on Saturday.
    The stops sound like a recreation of the Windy City BMW Fall Tour of I think it was 1998 to New Glarus. While the tour at New Glarus Brewing was not part of that tour several of us cut short a cheese maker tour to hit the brewery. You found the best place in Monroe too. Any one hit the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb?


  12. Scary scout there!

    How can you not go in the Troll when there is a flag waving right in front saying “OPEN”? 🙂

  13. I just looked at ALL the pictures and they are absolutely great! It really was a terrific weekend and I have been telling everyone how much fun we had. Thanks to Paul and Barb for working sooo hard on making the 2 days perfect! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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