Phil Wicks Driving School

The final session of Phil Wicks' Driving Academy was Saturday, November 15th. It was a whole day of learning and driving with a ton of seat time, and as Chicago Mini Motoring Club members, Phil let us in for only $140.

If you want to know anything else about future events, check out the Midwest Driver site or call Phil directly!

Phil Wicks/Midwest Driver:
(314) 330-6449

You can also feel free to email me at

P.S. Phil is planning on having events next year at two tracks that are closer to “our” neighborhood: Putnam Park in Indiana and Blackhawk Farms in Wisconsin. Can't wait 'til Spring!

BMWCCA AutoX this Saturday

Just a friendly reminder for all those out there that are BMWCCA members as well as CMMC members – Windy City BMWCCA will be holding “AutoCross VI” this Sunday. It will take place this Saturday, November 1st at 8:00 AM at Maywood Park in Maywood Park, IL

Fall Tour/Perfect Power Rally

Thanks everyone for coming out and to Sol at Perfect Power! The drive was great despite the guy in the 911 who swapped ends 馃檪 Seriously though it was a fun drive with some spectacular scenery and as many twists and turns as you'll find around Chicago.

Perfect Power portion of the day exceeded all expectations. Sol made us feel quite at home and is provided some fascinating insight into the MINI.

I'll be posting a couple photos probably tomorrow. If anyone has photos they'd like to share please email them to me at

Announcing the Fall Drive/Perfect Power Tech Session

Here's are all the details of our upcoming Fall Drive and Pefect Power Tech Session:

When: October 25th at 8:00 am.

Meeting Point: Plaza de Lago in Wilmette just off of Sheridan Rd. You can see a map of the area here (the red star is our meeting point)

The Plan: We'll be taking Sheridan Rd. all the way up past Lake Bluff (with some small interesting detours) and then over to Pefect Power – local shop that specializes in performance modifications to the new MINI. Once at Perfect Power we will have a MINI tech session where we will spend two hours going over everything about the MINI from regular maintenance to professional modifications. We do ask that everyone bring their own chair for the session. This will be important because if you don't have a chair with you – you'll have to stand 馃檪

It's also worth nothing that while this drive is for members only but we're happy to have guests along who are interested in joining the Chicago MINI Motoring Club.

Here's a map of our route up Sheridan and then one of our trip over to Perfect Power.

After our tech session those with time are welcome to head over to the Cubby Bear North (on Milwaukee Ave. in Lincolnshire for lunch.

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Italian Job Screening Wrap-up

The crowd was giddy, the theatre was vintage, and the film was as good as everyone remembered (for those that had seen it of course). You can't find a better way to celebrate the re-release of the original Italian Job than seeing it on the big screen! Thanks for coming out!

Congrats Matt on wining the Italian Job Collection DVDs!