Fall Tour/Perfect Power Rally

Thanks everyone for coming out and to Sol at Perfect Power! The drive was great despite the guy in the 911 who swapped ends 🙂 Seriously though it was a fun drive with some spectacular scenery and as many twists and turns as you'll find around Chicago.

Perfect Power portion of the day exceeded all expectations. Sol made us feel quite at home and is provided some fascinating insight into the MINI.

I'll be posting a couple photos probably tomorrow. If anyone has photos they'd like to share please email them to me at gabe@chicagominiclub.com.

  • Scott Heineman

    Sorry I blew out of there without saying thanx to u guys for a good time.I've been to a lot of these sessions in the past and I have to say Sal and I will be talking racing setups on monday.The guy showed me how much I still got to learn.

    Nice job guys…..thanx

  • Scott Heineman

    First thing I need to learn is Sol's name !

  • I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to Perfect Power for the tech session today. I also wanted to remind everybody that on our website we have message boards that have been stagnant for months. I can share a lot of technical information more efficiently that way than on the telephone. (I am supposed to be building engines during the day.) None the less, if you need to call, feel free to. I hope to see you all on Perfect Power's Mini message board. Watch for changes on our website. Happy motoring.

  • David Markland

    I had a great time and I highly recommend the 911 stunt driving show! (just don't follow too closely)
    But seriously folks, there was great info and and great company. Thanks to all that did the work to organize the day and thanks to Sol.

  • just signed up. and thanks again sol for taking the time today to hang with us. when the $$'s available, i'll be in for a pully and ecu flash, or maybe just an exhaust, you've wheted my appetite for more mods.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    I had a great time as well.. Loved seeing all 26 cars lined up at Lake Bluff. Missed the backwards 911 in the Ravines. Can you do that again sometime?

  • Steve Dybedock

    The tech session at Perfect Power was everything I was hoping for, except for one problem. It's changed my plans for my car. I'm now adjusting the order of my priority list, which not only got longer, but more expensive! Great event!!! And for the 911, that'll teach you for bringing a Porsche to a MINI meet:-)

  • Robby Fiely (Vendor Liaison)

    Sol – As always, I learned alot; thanks!

    I'm glad some enjoyed my 911 stunt driving. It was the wrong day to have the car out (cold and new tires, wet leaves, a jumpy foot!) I guess I did learn a lesson for bringing a porsche to a MINI drive! 🙂 See you all soon.

  • Kim

    To Sol and everyone attending, sorry for having to cruise out early. I thoroughly enjoyed the technical review and I'm bringing my husband to the shop Sol. When I told him what was laying out on the work benches and described your Mini (Panther), he couldn't believe he missed such a morning.
    I'm trying to convince him about getting a new pully, and air intake.

    As always, wish there were more fellow female motorists out though, maybe next time! 🙂


  • funny, i've always felt bringing a Porsche to a MINI drive was akin to bringing a Gun to a knife-fight, my bad.

  • Ellen

    Thanks for another fun Saturday with CMMC!! John and I always enjoy the drive and Sol impressed us both with his depth of knowledge. I wish the tech session had been available before I ordered JoeGreen a year ago. But, it did bring together a lot of the info I've picked up from car mags over the past few years .. my whole vocabulary has changed!! Looking forward to the next event: like everyone with winter treads goes out looking for twisties … having experienced one 180, I'm ready for more …. lol…