2nd Annual Baseball Rally – August 15th

Announcing our 2nd annual Baseball Rally.

This year we have worked out a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers for tickets and
goodies as a package, at a reduced cost for our members and guests. Here's the deal… Last year tickets cost $12.00 each for the seats we had. This year we were able to purchase the same level seats, near home plate on the third base side. We have worked a package deal with the Brewers that we hope
you will like. Tickets this year are $9.00 and include a Soda and HotDog, with each ticket. This is a great deal, but we only have 150 seats for
don't wait too long to save the date.


All Chicago MINI Club members and their families, or guests. All Milwaukee
and Madison MINI Club members and their families, or guests.
All 4 MINI dealers in Chicago and Milwaukee.


A MINI drive, huge (MINI) tailgate party, and Brewers vs Marlins baseball


Gathering at Starbucks at the Village Square in Northbrook (847.509.1937 ) and driving to International MINI in Milwaukee. We will meet up with the Wisconsin MINI's there and motor into Miller Park. We will have a huge (MINI) tailgate party. Then into the stadium to see
the Brewers vs the Florida Marlins.


Sunday, August 15th. We'll be meeting at Starbuck (directions here) around 7:30 am and leaving no later than 8:00 am! Game time 1pm. Party time, way before that.


Need to get some tickets? Email ron@chicagominiclub.com to purchase your
game tickets soon.

13 thoughts on “2nd Annual Baseball Rally – August 15th

  1. Iv'e started to send out ticket packages this week to those who have sent checks to me. We have about 40% sold so far. If you haven't placed your ticket order, or sent in your check yet, seats are available.
    Ron Antrim
    Event Coordinator
    Chicago MINI Motoring Club.

  2. Wouldn't a MINI tailgate party properly be called a Boot Party?? : )

    I keep watching the events hoping I'll be able to see everyone when I can find the find to motor home (as Chicago will always be home to me!).

  3. SUNRISE RUN Anyone? Since we'll be up early anyways, how about an approximately 50+ mile fun run through central Lake County beginning shortly after … you guessed it … sunrise (5:59 am). It will take about 1 hour 10 minutes, and we should be back at Knauz 20-30 minutes before departure to Milwaukee.

    If you're interested, post here or send me an e-mail. I have a route sketched out, and have done one pre-run so far. We'll probably need another pre-run the weekend before. I'll need at least one “volunteer” to help with that and then be the sweeper for the actual run.

    If there is enough interest, we'll gather in the Panera Bread/Dominick's Parking lot just opposite from Knauz on the other side of 176 & 41 around 6 am, and depart shortly thereafter.

  4. John: I don't think I will be able to do the drive that morning, but I would like to know what roads you are planning. I will try to catch you before we leave for the baseball game. I am always looking for good MINI or motorcycling roads in the area.

  5. We still have about 40 tickets left so it's not too late to join in the fun. that room for about 20 more MINIs.

  6. Lets be honest, we're planning on leaving for this game at 8am. Thats means we have roughly 3 hours of bootpartying. My question is then, who is bringing the beer bong?

  7. Remember that we are also meeting up with the Wiscosin MINI people at the Milwaukee dealer. We will need to all head into the park at the same time, since they won't have reserved parking for us 馃檨

    Getting 50+ MINI's moving in the morning is a bit like herding cats..

  8. You might want to pack a umbrela in your boot. Milwaukee's Sunday forecast calls for 30% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Good thing that Miller Park has a roof. I hate eatting soggy hotdogs, even if they are free.

  9. Hey you guys driving up from starbucks. What time will you be in southern wisconsin you think? I live off of Ryan Road, far southern milwaukee county, and would love to meet up with your posse for the ride up to International.

    cheers, jason

  10. Would love to get a couple pictures from the rallye. It being our first event, we of course forgot to bring our camera! Thanks – it was great to meet everyone!

  11. We had a very good time at our first club event. Would also love to see some pictures as we also forgot to bring a camera.

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