New Mods?

Has anyone added any cool stuff to their MINIs recently?

Here is a spot to share what you have done or are planning on doing to your car

9 thoughts on “New Mods?

  1. I haven't added anything to mine in quite a while. I have it pretty much exactly how I like it.

    I did get a new steering column and spindle at my recent 2 year service, as well as getting my tires rotated.

  2. Steering column is a problem I have had for over a year.. There has been a click that I could feel and hear at between 90 and 180 degrees turn of the steering wheel, mostly when cold/starting out. I waited for it to get noticable enough to get fixed. Performance has increased, but not as much as when I added my stripes

    I also had my tires (15 inch non-runflat) rotated as well. I am a little over 15K..

  3. Well, since I don't have the new MINI yet I don't have any mods done yet. I did order a dipstick from moss motors since they were discontinuing them. Hopefully I'll have a 19% pulley waiting when it gets here. I'm going to install the “HAI” that was talked about on NAM. I also have a few ideas of things that I don't see on the market yet that I'm going to build and see if I get any performance improvements.

  4. I got the new steering column installed in my MINI as well. I brought my MINI in for service on my runflats (indicator kept going off, i.e. slow leak) The service guy recommended I get the steering column since my car was under warrenty still and it was a new upgrade.

    This summer I installed the Alta Intake and 15% pulley.

    Gotta love that wind!

  5. I did SonyEriccson bluetooth handsfree with advanced mute (mutes the stereo and routes cell phone sound to front speakers), which works fairly well with my SonyEriccson P800 (on the contrary, P800's bluetooth sucks, crashes the phone practically every day).

    Then I got auto-up windows module.

    I also put in Infinity Basslink in trunk, wired from rear speakers

    And I put my 120GB Dension MP3 player going through AUX in.

    Planned – nothing immediate, would like to ditch runflats next spring and do some CAI or more stereo stuff.

    4 monts today, almost 10,000 miles, going strong!

  6. I installed the Blitzsafe XM Satellite system. It's awesome! System hooks directly into the factory radio, so it retains digital sound quality (no FM modulation). And the best part is: no exposed wires or additional faceplates. All info displays through the original faceplate, and you control channels, volume through the radio controls (and multi function wheel!).

    Looking to make engine modifications in the spring. Looking at Pilo intake, ALTA 15% Pulley Reduction and MTH Cartune ECU. My goal is to reach the JCW 200 bhp for about $750.

  7. Chrome everywhere! Chrome inserts on door handles, Diamond plate floormats, Chrome pedals, and yet to be installed chrome shift knob. Chrome front lower grille is going to happen eventually.

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