Go Kart Endurance Racing interest?

Fresh off last Sunday's Go Kart Racing high, a few people expressed interest in participating in more Go Kart racing.

Chicago Indoor Racing hosts both Sprint leagues and Team Endurance Races.

It looks like it is too late for the winter sprint series, but there are a couple of dates open for Endurance racing (2-6 people, 200 laps, $300)

These are not official MINI club events, but if people are interested, feel free to post here

9 thoughts on “Go Kart Endurance Racing interest?

  1. I was dissapointed at my times. My best lap was like 16.75. Anyway, id be interested, but am i reading right, does that say $300??? American??!!

  2. i've done this with the mr. plow 馃檪 team in the past. they have a race once a month. $300 per team. A required 5 pitstops or driver changes, and a refueling stop. 200 laps is about an hour. so a 3 person team, $100 per person 20 mins per person??? i think you get more racing to just show up and dump a hundo on 7 races? but it would be fun to have the club in there mixin it up 馃檪

  3. My friend David I think got a tad excited about the prospect of the endurance racing and came up with the following:

    200 laps @ :16 to :20 per lap = 53 to 67 minutes of drive time divided by
    2 people = 26 to 34 minutes drive time per person
    3 people = 17 to 23 minutes drive time per person
    4 people = 13 to 18 minutes drive time per person
    5 people = 10 to 13 minutes drive time per person
    6 people = 08 to 11 minutes drive time per person

    with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, times that amount of rest in between rides.

  4. Hey, if anyone else is interested in doing this, shoot me an email and we can get something setup. It would be a lot of fun, and good competition no doubt.

    Ya gots to be quick though 馃槈

  5. I might be interested…i had the 4th fastest time. Just let me know when any of you guys are plannin to go. Or e mail me or whatever.

  6. Actually the Team Endurance races are Run on Track 3, So

    The fast Teams average just a little over 31 seconds per lap. At Last Sundays event my team (H&L Racing) came in third with an average lap if 31.48 seconds. Only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams completed 200 laps.

    200 laps @ :31 seconds per lap = 103.3 minutes of drive

    My fastest laps at CIR are
    Track 1 15.42
    Track 2 13.6?
    Track 3 29.98 (three different times)

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