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UPDATE: 10/18/2005

New pictures from Taylor.



Huge thanks to Pat for all the time and thought spent organizing this drive, as well as the rally questions. Huge thanks to Knauz MINI as well for supplying the award for the winner.

Here is a writeup of the Lake County Rally from Pat:

The Fall Rally for the Chicago MINI Motoring Club saw spectacular fall weather. After gathering at the Libertyville train station, 25 MINIs and one original Mini Cooper were ready to rock. We held a quick drivers? meeting while the rally directions and questions were distributed. Thanks to Knauz MINI of Lake Bluff, the Club had a terrific prize for the winner of the Rally: a radio-controlled MINI! As Gabe said, ??and it?s valued at $110!?

We headed out and towards the center of the county just before 10 am. The first navigational trick (that is, turning into the University of St. Mary?s) proved to be a bit difficult for some on this bright Sunday morning. But no matter, after a bit of quick motoring through the town of Mundelein, all MINIs were back on track.

After we drove through the seminary, we congregated in a nearby subdivision before heading out for the rural roads. Folks in the neighborhood were so amused by the site of 26 MINIs on their street that some grabbed their cameras and squeezed off a few shots before we rocketed west.

Barreling down Route 60, the caravan made a quick left at the Catholic Church in Fremont Center and then were led through some tight ?parking lot loops? looking for the times that services were held (Question 7). Just as quick, the procession left the churchyard looking for more rally roads. (Those driving solo were at a serious disadvantage as they tried to navigate and answer rally questions. I did hear from a couple of drivers who, even though they were supported by ?naviguessers,? still had their share of animated discussions.)

Our parade wound through the north edge of Wauconda and through Volo before stopping for a break at Singing Hills Forest Preserve. Not surprisingly, every car that left Libertyville was back with us! Lines quickly formed to use the ?facilities? while Rich and Steve tried to race their scale model MINIs. Too bad they shared the same radio frequency or we may have been treated to some NASCAR-style driving.

The MINI pageant was not here for long. With the road beckoning, the drivers teased their gearboxes and roared out onto Fish Lake Road. Most cars had their tops down or windows open while they ripped up the roads. Bright orange maples and golden oaks lined parts of our route and showed off their fall brilliance.

The drivers navigated south on Fairfield Road and then the last few miles through the Chevy Chase area before turning north and then sprinting east towards Austin?s Bar and Grill.The drivers navigated south on Fairfield Road and then the last few miles through the Chevy Chase area before turning north and then sprinting east towards Austin?s Bar and Grill.

Gathering inside for food and drink, we told lies about our driving skills as well as who did the best job of rallying. Those brave few who tried to keep up with the rally questions gathered together to score their answers. Out of 34 possible correct answers, Kirsten won the radio-controlled MINI with an impressive score of 26!

Thanks to all who came out on a fine autumn Sunday for a great morning of motoring! Keep watching this site for details of the Club?s next event.

Come on out to sample some fine driving roads at our Fall Lake County Rally

Where: Starting at the Libertyville Train Station
UPDATE: Original address was not quite correct. The entrance to the train station is from Lake and Brainerd streets (NOT off of Milwaukee)

When: Sunday October 16th. Meet up at 9:00 am. First cars will leave at about 9:30

Why: To sample some enjoyable roads in Lake County and keep your co-driver entertained with a route sheet and Route questionare.

Things to Bring: A navigator is helpful (but not necessary), a couple of clipboards, pens or markers, your favorite Chicago MINI Motoring Club shirt, gas for 50 or so miles of driving, and a smile

Plan for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and 45 miles of driving. We will be ending at Austin's Restaurant to hang out and enjoy lunch at the end. Route sheets and questionares will be handed the morning of the ride. Feel free to stop by the restaurant even if you don't want to do the drive.

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  1. We attended the color tour yesterday and we had a great time. I am with Minis In Northern Illinois and we were invited out to join all of you. I am thrilled we attended. You guy's are a great group. Thanks again.


    Anyone who wants to stop by the house for continental breakfast ?? (easy, no fuss guy stuff, say at 8 am) Just send us a PM so we can get a head count. You know who you are. We are less than 5 minutes, or 1-2 miles, away from the start point. See the link, and you there.

  3. Sounds way better than heading up to my parents' house and getting hit-and-run rear-ended on the expressway. Wish I could have joined you all instead! (P.S. Fenimore and I will be okay.)

  4. Great Drive Pat. Had fun trying to find all the clues and locations.
    The fall colors were a bonus as well.

  5. My son and I had a great day at the Lake County Rally! Awesome father – son bonding and met some really great people.

  6. I had a great time at the rally, the quiz was so much fun. Thanks to my navigator Sarah, and baby James(he's soooo cute), I couldn't have done it without them! Thanks Pat, you put together a great run. ***Lori***

  7. Well organized, very fun time and met a bunch of great people.
    Thanks for open invitation to M.I.N.I club.

    Dave G

  8. Our MINI's had a Great time! (First time using the heated seats… oo la la!!)
    Super day, and people!!!
    Thanks Pat!

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