Board Member Elections

We have had a few members express interest in our Vendor Liason and Events Coordinator positions.

We will be having a general membership vote for these positions, and the poeple with the most votes will win!

Please read the Bio's below, and send in your favorite choices for the two positions to Steve Rosenblum by Sunday November 6th, 2005.

One vote for each position per active Club membership. If your membership has lapsed, you still have plenty of time to send in your Membership Renewal before voting closes.

I want to send out a big THANK YOU! to all who have expressed interest in these positions…

Vendor Liason Position

Taylor Smith

Gregory Kaufman

I am a huge fan of the CMMC and would like very much to offer to help out with
the Vendor Liaison role.

I currently serve as head of sales and marketing for a technology start-up venture in Chicago and have a 20 year record of creating successful, mutually beneficial business relationships,
co-marketing ventures and affiliate relationships.

Quite a lot has been accomplished already with limited resources in terms of vendor discounts, and the creation of the Vendor Liaison position reflects a
commitment to do even more. We have a few folks that have expressed interest in this role and I think
we have a great opportunity to bring the talent of each of those members, and others, to bear on the vendor
liaison role.

I would be very pleased to help to facilitate those efforts, to work to harness the energies of all of the CMMC members who would like to help in that area, and to coordinate the creative ideas that folks
have. There are some exciting things we could do with this new position! I envision the expansion of product
and service offerings to Club members from an increasingly diverse group of vendors.

You can read about my
professional background at
but much more interestingly you can read about my Mini at

Greg has been a club member for the past year or so, and would like to help out with the Vendor Liason position. He lives in Chicago, and drives a 2005 MCS.

Events Coordinator Position

Lori Wright

Lon Kenyon

I drive a 2004 Electric Blue Mini Cooper S. I live in
Homewood, which is about 30 minutes south of Chicago. I really enjoy planning
and throwing parties, and I like to think that I am a pretty good at
coordinating things.

My Mini is extra special to me and adds so much to my life.
This might sound kinda' cheesy, but my Mini reminds me every day of the
acomplishments and friendships that come along with it. I learned to drive stick,and
fairly quickly I might add. And I have met many new people thanks to my Mini.

Everyone at the dealership has been great, espically my motoring advisor,
John. The people I've met at the CMMC have been friendly and I've had a blast at
all of the events I've attended.

I live near Rockford, and would be interested in helping the club in any way. I have a lot of tech experience with the MINI.

I also have experience in organizing events such as poker runs, track days and road drives.

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  1. Since we have two positions and 4 takers, how about “co-chairs” of the different committees? That way we get everybody's energy and spread out the work load. Just a thought.

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