Spring Drive March 26th

Get your MINI's all cleaned up for our Spring Drive, Sunday March 26th!!

This year we will be doing a Poker Run starting in Schaumburg, and finishing with a late lunch in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

Here are the Details:

When:Sunday March 26th. Pre-drive meeting at 9:15, and cars will be leaving at 9:30 am

Where:Start is in the Ikea Parking lot, 1800 E McConnor pkwy Schaumburg Il 60173 finish in in Lake Geneva.

What:The drive will include a number of stops along the way where you will collect a playing card. The best poker hand at the end of the drive wins! You can drive on your own if you like, or as a group. We will all meet up at each of the stops to get our card and directions, and there is no prize for being fastest. A navigator, map, and/or frs radio is helpful, but not necessary. Helpfull extras to bring include a clipboard and pen for tracking distances, and some change for the parking meters in Lake Geneva

We will drive rain or shine (or snow).

Please post here or shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in attending, so we know how many people to plan for.

27 thoughts on “Spring Drive March 26th

  1. I'll be there and look forward to a good time and the Dash Cam will be on.

    Map, men don't need maps. I'll have the GF, she can always tell where to go. LOL

  2. Hello All! I just sent in my club application and I'm planning on doing the drive for my first club outing. Snake Road sounds cool, I'll bring extra airsick bags for my wife! Looking forward to it!


  3. A navigator is helpfull, but not required. We will all be meeting/grouping up at each stop, and there is the option of people driving in a group if desired.. The main point is to have a fun drive.

  4. Donna,
    Well mine is in for the last of the warranty work b/4 it expires on the 28th. Not sure if I'll get it back in time. I just took it out of storage. Go get yours. It wants to come play with the rest on Sunday!!!

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