Mad Dogs & Englishman Car Show

We will be joining forces with the Michigan MINI Motorin Club and attending the Mad Dogs & Englishmen British Car show in Kalamazoo Michigan on Sunday July 9th.

Update 05/11/2006

The Club’s Board of Directors has decided, after some significant discussion, that the Club cannot sponsor the Michigan wine tour originally planned,  or have it be associated with the Club in any way. The liability issues associated with mixing alcohol consumption (however slight) and driving, at any level, are simply too great to allow us to make the wine tour part of the sponsored drive.


More Details..

Keep an eye on the NorthAmericanMotoring  forum area to see if people are interested in hooking up for a drive up on their own.

Saturday July 8th: We are planning on having a casual meet and greet with the Michigan Club Saturday evening in the Kalamazoo area..  Stay tuned for more details soon.  

Registration: Here is the registration information for the car show.
              Pre-registration ends June 20th.

Hotels: Here is some area hotel information. Book your rooms on your own.
Clarion Hotel 3600 E. Cork, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
(269) 385-3922

Red Roof Inn East 3701 E. Cork Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
(269) 382-6350
Sunday July 9th: Attend the Car Show, hang out and head home.

Please post below if you are interested in attending, so we have accurate numbers for plans!!

26 thoughts on “Mad Dogs & Englishman Car Show

  1. That sounds like fun, but i cant make it…its the World Cup Final that day, and i may be recovering from my brother’s wedding, haha. have a good time


    There are a number of big events that weekend in K-zoo, please plan ahead, or risk sleeping on Steve’s floor. LOL

    I’ve been working on the map/route and we are going to have some fun Sat driving postcard county.

  3. Okay, made a hotel res @ Clarion for Sat. just in case we go. Any age restrictions on the winery tours?

  4. there’s also a Fairfield Inn right next door

    Fairfield Inn Kalamazoo East
    3800 East Cork Street
    Kalamazoo, MI 49001
    1 269 344-8300
    Fax: 1 269 344-4856

    I think we might stay there instead.

  5. Kids are welcome, not sure how much fun they will have, they can’t drink wine but some of the places have great home made grape and apple juice 🙂

  6. The Clarion is the “official” hotel of the event, you may get a better rate if you mention the Mad Dogs & Englishman event (sorry, I was not able to find out what the discount rate was).

  7. NOW if you don’t want to fight the sunday afternoon traffic around the lake on the way home (who knows if they’ll even be done with the Ryan, Skyway and 80/90 by then .. but I doubt it) .. how about driving about 90 minutes north to Muskegeon and taking the ferry boat home (to Milwaukee?). We have taken it before and, although pricey, its a blast. Maybe we can get a group rate for our cars since maybe 4 would equal one SUV and 1/2? The Ferry leaves at 4:45 pm, just right for after the car show.

  8. Thats why the Gov put High Speed tolls on 294. I’ll pass on the boat at $55 a head, two heads, thats 3 tanks of gas.
    Sunday drive times on 294 to 80/94 to 94 should be fine AM and PM will add only a few mins at the IN/IL line.

  9. WOW, looked again, and they want, $65 for my Mini and $110 for Karen and I, WOW $175.00 is over 5 tanks of gas. I’ll drive and risk sitting in a jam.

  10. For the Record, I agree with and fully understand the Board of Directors and the need to protect our club.

    See You on NAM, Dustin

  11. As for the ferry, oh well … Dustin, that’s why I said it was “pricey.” If you’ve never taken a boat with your MINI across the Lake, this is an excuse to do it. Then you can say your car has been across X number of states plus a great lake!

    Anyhow … maybe for some local entertainment Saturday night people might be interested in going to the local short track? I guess this is kind of like the ferry, but not as expensive. If you’ve never been to the local short track on a Saturday night, its something not to be missed. “Short tracks, short tempers.”

  12. I’d love the short track, they are fun. My Mom is driving over Sat night to see me and meet my GF for the 1st time. I think I’d rather be at the track, LOL.

  13. Not sure about the track, but will check in with my friend and let you know. Do you need to purchase tickets in advance, or can this be a last minute decision?

  14. Just booked in at the Clarion. They have room service (Ahhhhh …. breakfast). Planning on driving out Friday the 7th.

  15. Short track can probably be a “show up if you want to all drive over together” kind of thing, it holds 6,500 people. If we want to make it more, maybe they’ll let our group take a “parade lap” around the track. It never hurts to ask as these places are usually hurting for entertainment. Note that Saturday nite is a “kidz nite” and autographs, so the drivers and their cars are usually staged around the track and people can go down and visit.

    As for the ferry, the Lake Express will give us a group discount. We can go on the 4:45 pm from Muskegeon to Milwaukee on Sun 7/9 for $50 per car and $50 per adult passenger. That is roughly a 10-15% discount off the normal prices of $55 per person and $65 per car (figure 1 car + 3 people? $200 vs $230). And the quoted fares are “inclusive” of the potential “$6 per fare fuel surcharge.” If enough people are intersted, I can firm up something with their res office (group name, etc.) and everyone can make their own reservations directly. They only need to know roughly how many spots to block off for us.

    Please advise. Double posted in NAM

  16. Hi — I am from Grand Rapids, MI, area and own a 03 red and black Mini S – and I will be looking to meet y’all at Mad Dogs this July. Fab car!

    // JHR //

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  18. Dustin, we will meet you guys (& gals)in Kalamazoo, so don’t wait for us at the rest stop. My spouse got stuck working and I don’t think my son will enjoy the winery stops as much as you adults. So, we are going to try the Road Ralley in Kalamazoo at 12:30 that afternoon instead. See you at the Clarion.

    And don’t forget the short track later in the evening.

  19. We will have a Mini from Lansing MI, with us for the drive to K-Zoo on Sat, thats thats right, they are driving from Mid MI, to SW MI, to Motor with Chicago Mini’s Way Cool. Please check the forum for updated details the week of July 3rd.

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