MINIs in the Mountains


MINIs in the Mountains (MITM) has just wrapped up last week in Colorado. There were a couple Chicago area MINIs in attendence. Here is a brief review from John:

“MITM 2006 was lots of fun. A well run event and alot of friendly people. Over 175 registrants and close to 80 or 90 cars. Three days of varied runs in the morning afternoon and late night. If you are a “flatlander” and have never been up in the Rockies, it is a definite “must see” for next year. They are shooting for the second weekend in August again for 2007″

Check out some pics from John here, and the NorthAmericanMotoring picture thread here

2 thoughts on “MINIs in the Mountains

  1. I went to MitM as well and had a fantastic time. Met lots of great people from all over the country and really enjoyed learning how to drive in the mountains. Mt. Evans is a must for anyone. I’ll post some pictures in the next couple days, but I know already that I’m definitely going back next year!!

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