Sheridan Run wrapup


18 MINIs braved a cool drizzly morning meetup at Montrose harbor.

We took to the streets for a casual blitz up Sheridan road. One MINI almost got in trouble sneaking past a graveyard a little too quickly, but Road Warrior Conrad stepped up and saved the day. The rest of the trip was uneventfull and we spent most of the time gawking at the beautifull homes and early fall views of trees and the lakefront. The weather kept improving the farther along we went. We ended up at a late morning breakfast at the Full Moon Cafe, along with a chance to talk and visit for a while.

What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!!!

Pictures from Francis | Taylor |
Video by Blake

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20 thoughts on “Sheridan Run wrapup

  1. Some kick’n fun curves!
    GREAT drive! Thanks Steve & Gabe!
    Most notable radio transmission: (passing some building demolition) “That must of been some tornado!”
    Can’t wait for the next run so we can give those who missed out a chance to get in on the fun… and an excuse to go again!! whoo hoo!!
    Kudo’s to Conrad!!

  2. Adam out front leading the pack, followed by Conrad and Dustin, nice left, look right to the lake, and another left, then Radar lights up like 4th of July, I flash my lights at Adam and Conrad, just in time for the Cop to hit his lights, Hard on the brakes, let the cop in behind Conrad, sorry Conrad, just following the law. Officer stops in the road, so that getting by is tight. Conrad would later report he had all 3 of us at 50MPH in what some think is a 25 or 35 zone. When Adam turns 21, he buy Conrad a beer.

    The best part of the drive was all the waves from kids and adults.

  3. Even with the clouds and drizzle early on, it was a great run! I always look forward to days like this… Any reason to get a bunch of MINI owners together is a good reason! Good to see everyone again! Hope you enjoy my pics!

    Sarah – Nice parking job! Practice makes perfect!
    Marco – Sorry you missed it…
    Conrad – You’re the MAN!!!

  4. Great ride everyone! Very enjoyable.

    My Pictures are now up too, including the one I stole from Francis. 馃檪

    I’m going to go and look at Blake’s video now.

    Very nice to see everyone again!!


  5. This was one of the best drives. We had excitement, beautiful weather, great seanery, fun roads and many MINI lovers. What more could you ask for?

  6. Francis,
    No, you da man! Love the photos with the little name boxes! Great photos by everyone! We’re getting to be kinda professional …
    Thanks to Steve for sharing his route. Very enjoyable drive.
    Dustin and I are putting together something special for Starved Rock this year. Don’t miss it …

  7. i swear, GOd himselg isnt gonna stop me from attending the Starved Rosck drive…even if i have the flu, a soccer injury, anything! ill be there…

  8. Had a great time! Met some new folks which was nice.

    Look forward to Starved Rock run.

    Blake, cool time elapsed video.

  9. how sad, I ended up not going because I had to finish a paper. it turns out that I misread the sheet and the paper is due this friday rather than Monday. sigh…

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  11. Barbara and I had a *GREAT* time. It was really nice seeing everyone!!

    And WOW!! Great pictures and movie guys!

    I hope to see everyone again on the Starved Rock run.

  12. Oh my gosh…alarm clocks suck…acttually I tink it was operator error. Sorry I missed you guys, catch you in a couple weeks! ***Lori***

  13. That is one of my favorite drives – I love Sheridan Road. I would have loved to join everyone but my move (back) to Chicago (from FL) isn’t for another two weeks.

    It looks as if all had a great time and I’ll hopefully get to meet everyone at an event in the near future.


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