Mod Party 12/02

Waylen Mod Party

WRAPUP: A Way Motor Works Mod party is a great way to spend a cold snowy December Saturday!!

A bunch of MINI’s braved the cold weather and bumpy snow covered roads to hang out for the day in a warm spacious professionally setup garage/shop. Waylen spent a light day installing an intake, Angel eyes, an under strut system, oil change, strut tower reinforcement plate, IPod adapter and more, as well as sharing racing stories, tuning and mantenance tips, and even a small practical joke (sorry Blake)..

Huge thanks to Waylen for hauling out to Chicagoland, and club member Blake for providing a fantastic working environment.

If you missed out this time and wanted some (or more) work done don’t worry, because we are hoping to get Waylen back sometime this spring or summer for another day.

Check out pictures from Francis


Waylen Hunsucker of
Way Motor Works and 2006 NAMCC overall champion will be having a Mod Party Saturday December 2nd.

He can do work such as pulleys, intakes, exhausts, brakes, maintenance and more.

Please contact Waylen for information at or by phone 317.201.8670

The event will be hosted in CMMC member Blake’s garage in the Bristol, Il area. There is good light, heat, a lift, and lots of parking.

Blake will also be hosting a Graphic Install party at the same time for anyone interested in having some graphics made/installed on their MINIs. Post here ahead of time if you are interested, so arrangements can be made.

For additional information, check out this thread in our club forum area.

We will be sending out specific address directions in the last week to those who have responded.

12 thoughts on “Mod Party 12/02

  1. have some graphics on the car now, would like to see if you can make something similar to what is currently on the car.

  2. Larry,

    What are you looking to do? Roof, side, other? What do you think subtle is? I think that my halloween stuff was subtle. Not really.

    You can email me.

    What color is your car? Other than your MINI what do you like/like to do?


  3. As long as Waylen makes it up here from Indy (Friday night) we will be good to go, and I know Waylen is a get-it-done kind of guy.

    His car will be weighted down with so many parts that he won’t have any trouble making it through a bit of snow 馃槈

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