Autocross event May 20th

WRAPUP: A cold day brought out a half dozen CMMC members.

The three morning runs were in the dry, and the three afternoon runs were in the damp. A fun time was had by all!!

Huge thanks to the Windy City Miata Club for sharing this event with us

Photos by Mark |

Video by Rob#1 | Rob#2 | Rob#3 |


Number Class Driver Car Time
441 V Jim 02 MINI S 00:54.705
530 U Marco 04 MINI S 00:55.804
250 V Dustin 05 MINI 00:57.139
49 U Jaclyn 05 Elise 00:57.262
285 V Vanko 06 MINI S 00:59.776
476 V Alfredo 06 MINI S 01:00.353
292 V Cliff 05 MINI S 01:01.833
210 V Mark 05 MINI S 01:05.042

Full results are posted here

The Windy City Miata Club (WCMC) has invited the Chicago MINI Motoring club to attend their Autocross event on May 20th as their guests. Come on out to watch or compete!!

WHEN: Sunday May 20th, show up at about 8:30 so you can be there and ready for the manditory drivers meeting at 9:15. This will be a most of the day event ending at about 4:00

WHERE: College of Lake CountyHOW MUCH: As a guest of the WCMC we will be getting a discounted rate of only $20

OTHER STUFF: We will be racing in guest class V. You will need a DOT approved helmet and tape, polish or magnets tp mark your race number on your car. Please remove all items that can be jostled around inside your car and trunk for safety. Check the FAQ and Rules sections for more information. If you have additional questions, please post them here and we will try to get an answer for you.

Please comment below if you are interested in attending, along with your preferred race number

  • Dustin

    I’m so there, it’s right down the road, maybe I’ll play that day too, if I get my brakes done 1st.

  • Marco

    im in. time to see if we can translate our karting skills to the MINI.

  • time to see if we can translate our karting skills to the MINI.

    I am in as well.
    If our karting skills translate, I will be bringing up the back of the pack 😉

  • Jaclyn Feakins

    Sounds like a good warmup for my track day on May 21. OK if I bring my Elise?

  • Mark R.

    Count me in!! I have a couple coworkers (one with a MR2 and one with a SVT Focus), are they free to attend?

  • OK if I bring my Elise?

    Yes, you can bring the Elise.. We will be running in the Class V, and I don’t think we are too worried about scoring for this event.

    I have a couple coworkers (one with a MR2 and one with a SVT Focus), are they free to attend?

    Yes they can attend, but it would be at the normal Miata club non-member entry price ($30), not our Club discount rate. They also may compete in a different class than us..

  • Cliff

    I’ll be there

  • Matt

    I plan on going. This will be my first autocross event.

  • Jim

    Just reading about this, I will be there. Never been to an autocross so close to my house!


  • Rose

    Would love to watch. Is there an admission charge?

  • Is there an admission charge?

    No charge for spectators, but I believe you need to sign a waiver. There will be a bunch of impressive cars (and drivers) there..

  • Just found out I have family plans for that day that cannot be changed.

    I’ll be missing this event (really really missing it)

  • Wes

    I’m about 90% sure I can make it. How many runs do you get?

  • How many runs do you get?

    It varies based on the length of time people are taking on the course as well as how many people show up. We usually do 5 or 6 runs in the morning
    session, check how long it is taking to get a rungroup through, then decide how many runs to do in the afternoon session. It varies from 8 to 15 runs
    for the day.

    What other things should I worry about?

    Plan to show up about 8:30 and spend a little time removing all loose articles from the car, setting tire pressures (bring a pump), and walking the course.

    Registration does not take plastic.

    Be sure to tell the registrar that you are with the MINI club.

    After you drive, be very prompt about getting to your work station.

    We have drinking water on-site, but anything else in the way of drinks/eats is your responsibility.

  • I would like to attend and bring a friend.
    Will helmets be available?
    Can a passenger wearing helment ride along?



  • Wes

    can I reserve the number 31 or 41?

  • Will helmets be available?
    Can a passenger wearing helment ride along?

    There are some loaner helmets available. If you have a helmet, you will want to bring it.

    Yes, passengers with helmets are permitted.

  • Dustin

    I’m so PUMPED for this event after todays Car Control Clinic, total blast, total value. Would be a great event for our club.

  • vanko

    I’m counting the days.I want to come so bad,
    hoppefully I’m gonna make it. :))

  • Dustin

    What about Rag Tops, friend want to come in BMW rag top? Is that cool?

  • Since this is run by the Miata club, I am pretty sure they are OK with convertibles.

  • Mark

    While there are loaner helmets available, I would like to try and get my own… any ideas on where to get one?

    Looking forward to Sunday!


  • Mark

    Another quick question…

    I have a friend who wants to come and watch, do we have any idea as to what time the MINIs will be running? or at least an approximate time?


  • It looks like you will be assigned a group that morning to take your runs, I don’t know if all the MINI’s will be together or split up:

  • matt

    Sorry i could not attend todays event. My MINI is in the shop getting all of its last work done before 50k miles. I hope there are more of these this summer.

  • Dustin

    We had a great time, I know the others took pics to post later. The morning was fun and DRY. The afternoon fun and WET. Most of us had 3 dry runs and 3 wet runs. Best time of the day was a 49sec run all wheel drive car, Best MINI was 54 sec 56, and 58.
    I think I’ll become a member of WCMC to auto X with them. Great group and well run event.

  • Mark R.

    Lots of fun, very well organized. Glad to have gotten in 6 runs with the last group getting washed out. Would like to try again sometime! Kudos to the Miata club for a great event.

  • Adam

    Marco Was also there and he had a time of 55.8something…so he should probably be up on that time table thing….just so you know.

  • Dustin

    Please add Marco and Cliff’s Cooper is an “S” too.

  • Please add Marco and Cliff’s Cooper is an “S” too.

    Sorry, just going off the info that was sent to me. I have updated Cliff’s car and added Marco

  • Let me know if anyone else has video/pics of my vehicle #23



  • Jim

    WCMC runs a good event! I had looked at their scheduel prior to Sunday and joined up while there as I hope to hit a few of there events later this year.

    As the lone MINI in run group three I only got three runs, with the third being a wet run when the first drizzle hit. The called the event before run group three got any of their second set of runs in.


  • Marco

    Yeah, you got hosed jim. but its not likt our second set of runs was fruitful anyway.

  • Mark R.

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but after the autocross i’m thinking i want to do more and am starting to look around at helmets. Anybody have any suggestions (ie ratings I might need, like snell)? Not being a motorcycle rider, i’d be going with an open face one.

    My e-mail is blue_mini05 at hotmail.


  • I bought these helmets as I didn’t want to spend a lot of cash, but they are Snell rated.

    I my understanding is that Snell Ratings meet or exceed all DOT ratings.

    You can get more info here:


  • Also, some organizations require an SA rated helmet (for automobile use), and some will allow a motorcycle helmet.

    Here is some info:

  • Tom

    fun times

  • Rob

    I was just forwarded this link by my boss and thought I should post it here.

    Autocross Clip