5 thoughts on “Summer Road trips

  1. I’m taking a family MINI roadtrip to Washington DC 6/10 till the 15th or 16th..

    We will be waving if we catch anyone heading out to MINIs on Top!!

  2. Not been to this web site in ages … and really disappointing too … why is no one arranging any club events?

    Isn’t this THE time of year that we are LEGALLY required to drive with the top down and do everything MINI?

    Why do we HAVE a club if nothing is being organised?

    I would help but am out of town too much.

    Last year was different.

    We must need new blood?


  3. Hello Robert, I understand your frustration. I hope after you have reviewed my campaign statement I will have earned one more vote. I know the clubs leadership is doing all it can to help us all enjoy our MINI’s together. FYI, I am leading the July 7th Road Trip that you might enjoy. Hang in there, changes are coming. God Speed Dustin

  4. MAD DOG update, Thanks to Cliff we have test driven the updated new route and WOW!

    We are going to have fun. 120 corners in 85 miles, up hill, down hill, tree lined lanes this drive is a feast for the eyes and tires.

    I’m also using a NEW mapping system for the drivers with Turn by Turns and Maps with mile markers to “see” whats ahead because many of the turns are not marked. Having a co-pilot would be great. If you liked last years Rock Run, you’ll love this one.

    If your not going to Mad Dog in K-zoo I hope you will still make it to this drive. It will be a full day for you, but still close to Chicago area.

    Please see the above link for more details and to sign up.

  5. Anyone from CMMC going to MITM2? Jenny, where ya at?

    We are leaving early on Saturday 8/4 to go out there, but can drive back with anyone on the following Sunday 8/12.

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