Happy Birthday CMMC




Happy Birthday!!

Today marks the completion of our fourth year as a formal club.  Check out some photos of our first club event as well as all previous events.

Thanks to everyone who participates and helps.  That is what makes this club special and fun.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CMMC

  1. Happy Birthday to US!

    Thanks to all of you that started CMMC years ago.

    Raising a glass of wine (tonight) to many more years of Happy Motoring Miles.

  2. …and many moooooooore!

    Glad I signed up a little over a year ago. I’ve had a blast with the club and plan to have tons of more fun in the future. Ditto on Dustin’s comment…thanks to those who started all of this, to those who keep it going now, and to those who carry it into the future!

    Now….where’s the cake? 🙂

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