Cruise and Drive August 18th

WRAPUP: We left McD’s under cloudy skies with 15 MINIs and headed to Suicide Circle. It’s an experience you have to try.. even just once. We roll by the local airport and zip through a few nice little roads. Along the way, we pick up a 16th MINI, then lose one off the back before arriving at our rest stop near Ft Sheridan. While there, we pick up a cabrio and trek to our final destination – the golf range. Along the way, we parade through Sheridan Rd, the Glen, and turn heads at an VW Auto-X at OCC.

Free bucket of balls and mini golf for everyone!!! Thanks to everyone who came out for a roll in the ‘burbs.
Pics from Francis | Anthony | Dan | Paul |

Come on out for a scenic cruise through the North Shore that will start at the McD’s across the street from the McD’s store #1 (and museum) in DesPlaines and end at a driving range (weather permitting) for you golf fanatics! The Cruise will occur rain or shine! Parts of the route will include the Suicide Circle and Sheridan Rd!!

Date: SAT August 18th
Time: 9 am
Start: McDonalds – 440 S. River Rd, DesPlaines, IL
End: Harry Semrow Driving Range – 1150 E. Golf Rd, DesPlaines, IL

The cruise will last between 2-2.5 hours (including rest stop) covering almost 50 miles.

Post up here so we can have a headcount for the driving range.

No charge to join the drive and you don’t have to be a CMMC member either! You will have to pay for a bucket of golf balls or rental of golf clubs if needed (but we’re working on that as well ). If you have an FRS radio, bring that also.

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  1. The route itself is roughly 40-45 miles. We’ll be traveling in a huge loop. We need to run the route to get an approximate drive duration so we can set an exact start time and let the range know when to expect us at the end.

    Depending on time, we can hangout for lunch afterwards. There’s a Cheeseburger Paradise and a Portillo’s nearby.

  2. Can’t we drive to Road America!
    Redman Challenge
    CanAm, Vintage Formula 1, Formula 5000, etc…

  3. Can’t we drive to Road America!
    Redman Challenge
    CanAm, Vintage Formula 1, Formula 5000, etc…

    That’s a great suggestion Arnie! Email your idea for an outing/cruise to one of the officers and we can work with you to put it together for the club. Or you can post an idea on the Chicago forum on NAM (as a non-club event) to see who might be interested as well.

    Thanks for the input!

  4. Arnie, No one can keep up with your speed to Road America. Let alone have it as a driving event. Yea 65 right!!!

  5. I might be able to make this one, so put me in as a definite maybe (there’s a commital for you!). I’ll probably have a brother and at least one nephew in tow as well. I should warn folks, my golf skills are pretty bad…I may actually hurt myself or others…. you have been warned! πŸ™‚

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  7. A little bit more info for everyone… there’s an 18 hole “mini” golf course for those into that as well.

    We will be stopping at the halfway point to stretch and hang out a bit at Old Elm and Sheridan Rd in front of Ft Sheridan. There’s a Mobile and Starbucks there.

    I need to refine the route a bit in that area due to minor construction detours.

    Total cruise time (including rest stop) looks to be in the 2 hour range so the start time will be between 8:30-9am. Once I run the route again, I’ll post an update.

  8. And we can run with Dustin πŸ™‚

    We’ll try to make it. Maybe MINI-golf, but I’ll bring the stix just in case.

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  10. Excellent! As of right now, I should be able to get free golf balls for everyone coming out. Bring your drivers!

    Depending on time, we could grab some lunch afterwards.. maybe Portillo’s in Niles??

  11. Thanks for posting up Paul!! Come on down Anthony! Hopefully Tom will come down also… Hope you can make it Taylor, it has been a while.

    Depending on who you believe, the weather should hold out for us SAT… keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  12. I drove by the driving range the other day and they have MINI golf too, I might putt-putt.

    Hey, my MINI goes putt-putt. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I will be coming down this Friday. A friend of mine from Chicago will be meeting me at the start point and will be doing the drive with me. As I mentioned to Taylor in an email, it is a good thing that there is a hospital near the driving range. I’m pretty dangerous with a club… πŸ™‚

    See you at the McD’s!

  13. the Fox weather babe says that Sat AM will be DRY! πŸ™‚

    MINI mini golf tourney? Can we drive it? LOL.

    Hey Jeff, if you plan it, they may play.

  14. just got back from running the route… dodged about 6 deer and just as many LEO’s along the way. Looks like any rain should hold off until we’re done driving.

    See you in the morning!!

  15. Hey gang! Sorry I missed it. I got lost. You had gone when I got to McDonalds. Sounds like it was fun. See you next time.

  16. Great pics Anthony and Dan! Glad both of you guys made it.

    Sorry you missed us Richard. Let me know if you’d like me to email you the route. Maybe we can run it together sometime.. we can even try to get Steve to come out.

    That goes to anyone else who missed out. If there’s enough interest, we can run it again.. except for the golf part at the end.. I owe my friend a HUGE favor already!! LOL!!!

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  18. Dustin you are right. My next Mini will have G.P.S.

    Francis, I would be interested in doing the drive if Steve or any others are interested.

  19. Hey Rich, just drive a MINI with factory nav last night, big thumbs DOWN. Paul helped me buy a Garmin and I LOVE it, plus you can take it with you in other cars and on trips. Paul owns the Nuvi 850?, Blake got the Nuvi 350 and I have a Street Pilot c550.

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