Superdawg Cruise 04/18

Wrapup: The predicted bad weather held off, and it was a beautiful night for a get-together. We had over 30 cars meet up for a short casual drive, and we were joined by a bunch more at Superdawg. There were lots of newer and prospective members, a few people who haven’t been out to an event in quite some time, and also many who attend lots of events. There was plenty of time to socialize as well as time to hang out and check out all the newer R56’s, a Clubman and a fabulous classic. Big thanks to Arnie for helping make arrangements with Superdawg to allow us to take over their place for the evening.

E-mail links to photos to (please not the actual pictures because I don’t have the mailbox space), and I will link them in here.

Pictures from Francis | Anthony | Tamara (requires snapfish login) | Peter | Mark | Arnie and Lena |

Join us for a very short casual cruise to visit one of Chicagolands oldest and most famous hot dog stands, Superdawg!!

Where: Meet at the north end of the Bunker Hill Forest Preserves near Touhy and Gross Point (Harts) road in Niles [Map Link]

When: Friday April 18th, 7pm is the drivers meeting and then departure.

Why: For a fun time hanging out with MINI friends, and good eats.

What to bring: A camera, optional FRS radio tuned to Channel 1 subchannel 1 to help with navigation, your favorite MINI clothes, your appetite, and a smile. Dress for hanging around outside.

RSVP: Please add a comment on this post so we know how many MINIs will be there

NOTE: The Superdawg parking area is very small, so we will hang out across the street at the Walgreens parking lot when we are done, or if there is not enough space for everyone to fit at once.

73 thoughts on “Superdawg Cruise 04/18

  1. I was just there last Tuesday and man, it’s worth the $$ for a great dawg.

    FYI: Perhaps, as a courtesy if it becomes a large crowd is to call and let them know we’re coming.

  2. Lena and I will be there.

    KETCHUP with you all on the 18th. Should be a moment we can RELISH. SMALL FRIES welcome. Lets SHAKE it up…

    Paul, I have already called and worked out the details… no reserved spaces, but they know we’re coming.

  3. I agree, no Ketchup!

    Arnie, thanks for letting me know. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then.

  4. JB, Ketchup on French Fries= yummm.
    However, I must agree w/ Marco. No Chicago Dawg should be subjected to such cruelty. It’s just wrong.

  5. Darn, I already made plans for the 18th! 馃檨 I have wanted to do a MINI event at Superdawg for a while. Hope you guys have fun.

  6. Arnie, being my local expert, I will accept that, however, just so you know, a proper sandwich should have the fries on top, not on the side. Google Primanti Brothers if you have any questions!

  7. I just wanted to say that this event has had me so excited for superdawg that ive had it twice since then haha

  8. I will try to make this, but Racine to Mundelein to Niles by 7 on a Friday will a chore.
    I should have the Clubman by then so could be the maiden CMMC event for it.

    Too much MUSTARD from Arnie. He needs to close the LID on it. 馃檪


  9. My Husband and I will be there, it will be our first outing with the club. I sure hope my Mini gets here by then!

  10. Superdawgs, I have heard of it but have never been there. I have been wanting to go for awhile, especially since hot dogs are one of my favorite foods. I would love to join the group!!!

  11. I hate to admit it, but I’ve lived in Chicago 27 years and have never been to SuperDawg! I realize it is an important Chicago icon. So, count me in!


  12. Sounds like more hot digs after the Cubs game. Is that good for a growing boy?? Count me and my wife in!

  13. My boyfriend and I will be there. This will be my first event…can’t wait to meet everyone!

  14. Hi Guys.

    I’m not a club member, but live very close to where you want to meet. I was wondering if I can come anyway. I plan to join Chicago MINI club soon!


  15. Darn, two soccer games that afternoon (big sister) and evening (tommy). Gonna miss it 馃檨 Haven’t been there since high school days.

  16. Hey Peter! come on out! it’s open to all comers. I’m sure someone will be able to help you with your questions.

  17. Thanks All!

    Thats awesome. My questions arent that crazy just i bought this car used from a Chevy dealer and the vin and vechile info says its a 2007 Cooper S but the runner door boards have a huge JCW plate and the front rims are Drilled and slotted (not a standard option) i called patrick (where it was originally from) and they say they know nothing of it. but when it left their dealership it had Black Mag 16’s I have Silver 17’s LOL.

  18. also. Why in gods name is the Scoop on the engine closed off? that makes no sense to me unless there is concern of water hitting electricals of the engine. also what Cold air system do you guys suggest? or is it a bad idea?

  19. Yes, we picked it up used last fall. Its a red MCS conv. w/ black bonnet stripes. Can’t wait for top down weather!

  20. My Mini came in on the April 4th so I can’t wait to bring her to her first social event!! I am having so much fun
    driving her and seem to have a smile on my face all the

  21. Hi. We’re new to the area and are thinking about joining. We’d like to meet everyone this Friday. Jim has an ’05 yellow with white top and bonnet stripes Cooper S and I have an all black ’07 Cooper.

    Johnathan B. – we just moved here from Philly but are both native to Pittsburgh. GO PENGUINS!!!!

  22. I used to have dreams, as a kid, that I was the tarzan hot dog! Count me in +1. It’ll be my first time at a mini social with my new guy.

  23. I will be there with my nephew – not Marcello who did the Spring Run, I’m bringing his younger brother Asconio. I’m scheduled to have my roof painted in Snow Leopard on April 27th – just in time for the Milwaukee Mile. Woohoo!

  24. Hey Adam and to all of the other new MINI people! Come on out! Give us a try first. If you like what you see, we’ll gladly accept your application.

  25. Is the date gonna be changed because of the weather???

    Nope, we will be there rain or shine.. Just hope good MINI karma keeps the bad weather away for a while in the evening.

  26. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it – would love to. As my days as a MINI owner are numbered. Ordered a new 135i today.

    Any other CMMC events between now and the end of May when my car comes in?

  27. Due to the fact that I can’t find anyone to watch my dog tonight, I don’t think I will be able to make it 馃檨
    Because he’s home alone while I am at work all day, I can’t really leave him home alone all night too. Have fun though and hopefully I will be able to make it to the next event!

    P.S. I just got back from England and saw loads of old MINIs – I wonder if I can find one here…!

  28. Can’t wait for tonight. Clive (my mini) just got back from a service so he is ready to go. So excited to meet everyone.

  29. Emma,

    Our events don’t normally last all night. I’m running home to let mine out and feed them then heading South. I’ll be gone a few hours and they’ll be sleeping when I get home I’m sure. LOL


  30. I’m trying to sort out the sitter thing for Oliver (the dog) but because I live in DeKalb and I work about 30 miles from home, I can’t go home and let him out b/c I would never make it on time. Hopefully I’ll see/meet you guys later 馃檪

  31. My family and I had a fantastic time tonight!!! Thanks to everyone for making this such a fun event. I know our cruise drew quite a bit of attention from people as we drove by.

  32. Wow, we had an awesome time. Big turnout, great food, the weather held!!! SUPERDAWG really came through w/ the hospitality and parking… VERY nice driving route -all right turns 馃檪 It was really great to see everyone, and meet new people. Thanks to all for making this a super event. Pictures soon!

  33. Great Job! Thanks CMMC great seeing eveyone and meeting new folks too. I recommend A SUPERDAWG RUN every year.

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