Raceway Woods 5/24

Wrapup: Great weather, fun drive, good eats, and a cool destination!! We had a dozen MINIs and a bunch of dogs take a short trip out to Raceway Woods. There was one long pause for a slow moving freight train where we had a chance to pull over, take pictures and chat before the road opened up again. Burgers, brats, and side dishes were the food of the day, and people had a chance to explore the remnants of a very cool race track.

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Take a drive on Saturday May 24th and visit Raceway woods in Carpentersville. This forest preserve used to be the home of Meadowdale Raceway in the 1950s and 60s. Parts of the track can still be seen and explored while hiking in the area.

This is a great time to enjoy an historic and scenic spot, hang out with MINI friends, have a casual cookout. Leashed dogs are welcome (as long as you clean up after them).

WHEN: Saturday May 24th, rain or shine. Meet at 10am

WHERE: Meet at Mieneke Recreational Center 220 E Weathersfield Way, Schaumburg. We will then have a group drive to Raceway Woods.

WHAT TO BRING: Camera, Optional FRS radio (tuned to Channel 1 subchannel 1), cookout food and drink, suitable clothing for hanging around outside or hiking (including bug spray, sunscreen, etc.), supplies for your pet. Alchohol is not permitted in the park.

We will have some brochures from http://www.langka.com/ LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch Repair as well as a sample of their Blob Eliminator if anyone is interested in performing some chip repair in the near future.

Parking will be tight if we have more than 15-20 cars. Please add a comment below if you are interested in attending.

25 thoughts on “Raceway Woods 5/24

  1. So far looks like a go, ready to have some fun. Will bring a big salad to share with everyone.

  2. I will be there for sure – with my little dog. I love Raceway Woods…I used to go there all the time, but it’s been about 6 years since the last time I went!

  3. And I also have a BBQ to share

    Thanks Paul.. I’d like to use some of that grill real estate.

    Sounds like my daughter will be joining us as well, and with a little luck, a batch of cupcakes will also make the trip.

  4. is there a way to reserve a “shelter”? Sometimes those have grills next to them.

  5. is there a way to reserve a “shelter”? Sometimes those have grills next to them

    Yea, we checked with the forest preserve district. I was told there are no built in grills, but there is a shelter and bathroom.

    No reservations for this area, just 1st come 1st served.

  6. Sounds like fun and I would love to check out the old race track, but will be in Indy for the 500 this weekend. Have fun everyone.


  7. Just how many dogs are coming? I’m still figuring out how to put an 80+ lb dog into the boot. She’s never ridden in the MINI before.

  8. I’m still figuring out how to put an 80+ lb dog into the boot.

    If John is bringing his dog, I’ll need my protective clothing.. Dogs think I’m a chew toy 😉

  9. Oliver (my dog) doesn’t eat much either, but he will be more than happy to beg for scraps 🙂 Also, should I bring a small grill? I could do that, but I hate the idea of putting a dirty grill in my lovely, clean car!

    Oliver and I can’t wait to meet everyone tomorrow.

  10. Thanks everyone for another fantastic event. The family and I had a great time. It was fun to visit with everyone, and the food everyone shared was really tasty!!

    I’m not really a dog person, but everyons pets were very well behaved, and I was comfortable hanging with them.

  11. Hey everyone! Perfect weather and a nice drive made for a great outing. While the train slowed us down a bit, I think it was a really nice break in the drive. We should have more stops like that during our runs (exclude the train of course!). It’s nice to not feel so rushed at an outing…

    Good to see familiar faces, great to meet a few new ones as well. Hope to see everyone at another outing soon!

  12. Great event. Nice drive, park and trails. Thanks. Sheridan slept all afternoon (while I cleaned out the MINI!).

  13. And Rose’s colorful Mini Wheels Pasta Salad too 🙂
    What a great day, great weather and a great time. Thanks for coming out.
    Pictures are up… BCNU all soon.

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