Two words spelled out with MINIs in the parking lot to help raise the spirits of Milwaukee and Chicago club member Tom who is going through a difficult recovery following a stem cell transplant and cancer.  

Theresa from the MilwaukeeMINIs put out the call and 30 MINIs from as far away as Madison and Chicago came out to the hospital in Milwaukee to wish Tom well.

We lined the cars up in the parking lot, with several left over around the back.  When the time was right, Tom was taken for a walk to the lounge area and saw the MINIs lined up outside. Tom was very surprised and pleased at the small celebration held in the lounge.

It was a great morning to be out and lend support to a club member and friend.

Please forward links of pictures to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I will post them here.

Pictures from Anthony | Francis | Caren | Tom |

3 thoughts on “HI TOM

  1. You guys absolutely rock! I don’t know if you were aware, but today marked my 4th week in the hospital. I was sort of prepared to have it be a total bummer of a day, but boy was I wrong! I actually celebrated my 4th week in the hospital. You guys totally made my day!

    I can’t tell you how much this gesture meant to me. I’ve been choked up about it most of the day. It just goes to show you that MINI people are the best people out there.

    I’ve often said that buying my MINI was the smartest thing I ever did. Today removed any doubt of that fact.

    Thank you all so much and I hope to be on the roads motoring with you sometime real soon!!!

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