MTTS Friday Meetup 07/25

UPDATE 07/19/2008:

Glen Ellyn Friday night route directions have changed (meetup location is the same) 

UPDATE 07/12/2008:

Check out more specific route and time details for the Waukesha Wisconsin to UIC route for Friday night at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE 07/08/2008:

UIC Picnic Location

We have an additional meetup from the Glen Ellyn area both Friday night and Saturday Morning:

Friday Night

Leave from the Baker Hill Shopping Center, the Dominick’s at the NW corner of Roosevelt and I-355 at 7pm for the picnic at the UIC Picnic Grounds. [Start Map Link]

Route will be East on Roosevelt Rd,
East on I290 (Eisenhower),
South on Racine (exit 29A),
East on Roosevelt,
South on Halstead


Saturday Morning:

Leave from the same location: Baker Hill Shopping Center the Dominick’s at the NW corner of Roosevelt and I-355 at 7am sharp for convoy to Lincoln Park Zoo. [Map Link]

Route will be E on Roosevelt Rd, E on I-290,
jog around the north side of Grant Park,
and North on Lake Shore Drive to Lasalle and the Zoo.

If you have an FRS Radio, keep it on Channel 1 subchannel 1

Thanks to Dan for voluntering to do these Meetups!!

NORTH MEETUP Friday Night:

For those looking to take the scenic trip to MINI Takes the States for the Friday night there will be a Wisconsin and north suburbs meetup:

START (MEETUP POINT 0): Big Bend Park ‘n’ Ride, WI-164 and I-43

Leg 1: Big Bend Park ‘n’ Ride to Genoa City Park ‘n’ Ride
Depart at 2:00 PM
Travel time: 1 hr

MEETUP POINT 1: Genoa City Park ‘n’ Ride
Arrive at 3:00 PM

Leg 2: Genoa City Park ‘n’ Ride to Culver’s on Rt. 176, Island Lake, IL
Depart at 3:15 PM
Travel time: 1 hr

REST STOP / MEETUP POINT 2: Culver’s, Island Lake, IL
Arrive at 4:15 PM

Leg 3: Culver’s on Rt. 176, Island Lake, IL to Starbucks on Sheridan
Rd., Ft. Sheridan, IL
Depart at 5:00 PM
Travel time: 45 min

MEETUP POINT 3: Starbucks, 950 Sheridan Rd, Highwood, IL
Arrive at 5:45 PM

Leg 4: Starbucks on Sheridan Rd., Ft. Sheridan, IL to Northwestern
University, Evanston, IL (South Campus Drive parking lot)
Depart 6:00 PM
Travel time: 50 min

MEETUP POINT 4: Northwestern University (South Campus Drive parking lot)
Arrive 6:50 PM

Leg 5: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (South Campus Drive
parking lot) to UIC / Picnic Grounds (Maxwell St. parking garage)
Depart 7:05 PM
Travel time: 40 min

FINAL DESTINATION: UIC Picnic Grounds, Halsted and Maxwell Streets
Arrive 7:45 PM

Thanks to Jeff and Anthony for planning this.

Please add a comment below so we know how many people will be attending!!

32 thoughts on “MTTS Friday Meetup 07/25

  1. Also, I (and hopefully others from WI) will be taking a scenic route from Wisconsin through McHenry County (Wonder Lake, Bull Valley, Crystal Lake) before heading east to Fort Sheridan. If anyone wants to meet up along the way, add a comment here!

  2. Do we have the exact address for UIC? The Mini site just says the parade grounds, but I’m not familiar with their campus, etc. Thx!

  3. I will join this either at Ft Sheridan, or try to jump in when they pass on 60/83 in the Mundelien area.


  4. I live in Grayslake, and work downtown, so I’ll drive to work on Friday, but Saturday, I want to rally with everyone to Road America, but don’t want to drive all the way in first.

    See you all there!

  5. My guess right now is around 12-1pm. I will do a timing run next Friday to nail down more realistic travel times and will report back with my findings.

  6. I am not a member of the club ,but i might meet up. I live in the area and uic is right down the street from my house.The picnic grounds are along Morgan Street between 14th and Maxwell streets

  7. Its a little out of the way for me, but how can i turn down sheridan…. I also go to UIC so i can get us there for sure.

  8. Just paid my $20 … driving from Glen Ellyn; lemme know if anybody has a “west suburbs” meetup.

  9. Hey guys! thanks for posting up. I haven’t been to the UIC campus in years, so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve done to the place.

    I’m probably going directly to UIC to hangout and wait for the MINIs to arrive, especially friends from out-of-town.

  10. B^D Alright.. who found our “secret” motorcycle area just south of the IL border?
    Anyone who wants a really beautiful country ride, ck out this drive!! I suspect the more north(WI)you can join in, the more fun!^)
    Keep us posted as to take off, we’ll see where we can jump in, depending on work:^/

  11. I did some detective work and found the company who’s doing the MINI picnic Friday; map PDFs are on the way to Steve now.
    Basically, it’s the picnic grounds just SW of Roosevelt and Halstead: Map Link Here

  12. I’ll be coming in from Bellevue Nebraska. This sounds like fund and if I get there in time I will try to make it for the ride in on Friday.

  13. I am confused. I thought we were meeting at UIC grounds for the meet and greet. Now I see on the MTTS site we are at the Windy City Fieldhouse off of Logan for a movie. Which is it? Or is it both?

  14. I see it out there.. I guess we need to wait a little bit and see.

    MINI Owner Meet and Greet Movie Night & Party – Chicago

    Friday, July 25th, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
    The Windy City Fieldhouse, University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC), Chicago, IL

    Meet and connect with fellow MINI enthusiast for an early evening outdoor barbeque and viewing of the movie “21” (rated PG-13) at The Windy City Fieldhouse, University of Illinois-Chicago. Sponsored by the New Yorker.

  15. If you look at the map provided by DanielM (thx btw!!) the WindCity Fieldhouse is the company running the event @ UIC. So I think we should be ok with the info provided so far.

    Also… has anyone seen that movie “21” ?? Is it any good? and most importantly, are there any MINIs in it???

  16. Hey guys!!! update to the MINIUSA site for SUN events!!!

    they’re having a rally from RA back to Schaumburg to end at Woodfield Mall at the Ridemakerz store!!! If you haven’t been there yet, it’s pretty cool!

    Anyone NOT staying/going overnight at RA want to meet up at Woodfield SUN??? We can meet for lunch and wait for everyone to arrive. Maybe they’ll reserve parking for the MINIs??? I might get to attend all 3 days afterall!!!

  17. According to the audio clip on motoringfile that Francis linked the meet and greet is at the Windy City Fieldhouse. Will someone listen to that and verify please.

  18. She did say “Windy City Fieldhouse.” But given that the MTTS blog further clarifies that with “University of Illinois-Chicago” and has always said it’s at UIC, the only thing that makes sense is what Daniel linked to above.

    With any luck, the MF folks will get a definitive answer from Gina and post it in the comments. But my money’s on the UIC picnic grounds.

  19. I talked to a few more people from the madison area and they also say it is the UIC pinic area and windy city fieldhouse is putting it on. Anthony I will meet you at Waukesha but did you nail down a time yet? I hope to see alot of people meet up with us.

  20. Yup, times are posted up in the blog post– first meetup point is at 2:00 at the Big Bend Park ‘n’ Ride, but we can rendezvous in downtown Waukesha too for lunch (and perhaps some GELATO) first if you want.

  21. eat at Divino Gelato around 12:30 or 1:00? I have never had gelato. I have a chance to eat some this Saturday in Sauk City, WI Blue Spoon Cafe serves some there.

  22. I’m headed to Chicago from Indy Sunday Morning. I’m all for meeting up with other MINI owners at the mall to hang prior to the event.

  23. I will be attending the Friday event, Saturday morning only (not going to WI), and will rendezvous at Woodfield for the Ridemakerz function.

  24. Also, I am thinking of joining the group at MP#4-NWU, but I want to get to UIC earlier than 7:30. Gametime decision for me, so if I am not at the parking lot, GO ON WITHOUT ME! I may already be there. Anyone bringing their FRS for ease of locating CMMC members and friends. Do we have a standard channel?

  25. Anyone bringing their FRS for ease of locating CMMC members and friends. Do we have a standard channel?

    I will have my FRS radio for the drive Saturday, Channel 1 Sub Channel 1, but not for hanging around at UIC (I’ll be heading in on my own earlier than the group drive)

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