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A few new events have rolled across my virtual desktop recently.  Check these out:

British Car Swap Meet and Autojumble

February 22, 2009 at the Dupage County Fairgrounds, Wheaton, Il

The perfect place to go to pick up some parts or tools and get over the winter blahs

Details are located on their website

British Car show at the Vintage Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio

June 26th – 28th in Lexington Ohio

Mini is the featured Marque this year!!

Basic information is Here and more details will be updated later.

And, don’t forget to plan for Mini East meets West 2009 in Winona Mini-Sota on June 29th thru July 3rd.

Website details are here

3 thoughts on “Interesting events

  1. Thanks for the East Meets West 09 plug! We hope to have an official release with all the info sometime in January.

  2. I just thought I would post this to my ole CMMC mates. This year, instead of going to MOTD, Amanda and I are going to try something new. There is a sequence of events that line up perfectly this year. The Blue Ridge Parkway Tour will be from 6/19 to 6/21. Then the Great Ice Cream Run is from 6/22 to 6/25, Bar Harbor Invasion from 6/25 to 6/26, and wrap it up with MINIs on Top on 6/26- 6/27. If you want to tag along on this Big MINI Vacation, you can stay at my house before starting the first day.

  3. Hi Jonathan!!

    We did a family MINI trip to Washington DC 2 years ago and hooked up for a day with the The Great Ice Cream Run. We were disapointed because the weather was rainy and they changed plans last minute and did not show up at the designated stop. We did share a hotel with about 15 other MINIs and I met them before they took off for their next stop the following morning.
    Was all set to take a bunch of pictures but only got one shot off before my camera batteries died.

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