MOTD Hookup

MINIs on the Dragon 

The 7th Annual MINIs On The Dragon (MOTD) will be taking place on April 29th thru May 3rd.  Drive some fantastic roads and hang out with 600 of your closest MINI friends.

Who is going from the Chicago MINI Motoring Club?  Add a comment, and maybe hook up with someone for the trip.  Be sure to e-mail links to pictures of your trip to and I will add them here after the event!! 

6 thoughts on “MOTD Hookup

  1. I’ll be there… Leaving on Tuesday to get there on Wednesday so I can DRIVE rather than sightsee….

    Midnight Run…Here I come!!

  2. hey Rich! have a good time out there. are you working or playing this time?? watch that yellow line… we’ll catch you when you get back.

  3. Hey all,

    I was looking for you all down there. Hope maybe to see some more familiar faces in 2010.

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