BMW Driving School (08/22-08/23)

Windy City BMW 

The Windy City BMW club has again made a special offer to the Chicago MINI Motoring club .   They are offering us a discount for their driving school at Putnam Park on August 22nd and 23rd as well as including a years membership to the BMWCCA.  This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your driving skills and enjoy testing you and your cars limits in a safe controlled evnironment.

 Check out this form Here for additional details and information as well as the application.

Huge thanks to the Windy City BMW club for reaching out to our club and encouraging participation in their events!!!

Also check out the event at Gingerman raceway on June 27 and June 28 here

8 thoughts on “BMW Driving School (08/22-08/23)

  1. Just came back from the Gingerman school, and can’t wait for Putnam. For all those in doubt I passed a bunch of M3 and an ALPINA B7

    Really though it would be nice to see more Minis there!

  2. Eugene:

    I’m very glad you had such a good time and will be at Putnam Park too. I know Steve had fun as well.
    Would love to see more MINI’s join us at Putnam in a couple months.


    p.s. Nice pic of me there!

  3. Hi,

    I am interested in attending, but I have zero experience in those kinds of things… Do I need to buy a helmet or can I rent one there?

  4. You do need a Snell 2000 or newer helmet, but the Windy City BMW Club has about a dozen helmets in various sizes that you can borrow.

    I borrowed one for my Drivers School.

    New (or newer) brakes and tires are a really good thing also!!

  5. Thanks! I will try to make it to the event… right now it’s between the school and Mini in the Mountains (… I figured the cost will probably be the same…

    My brakes are new, but they were changed by Chevy dealer when I bought used mini, so I am a little worried about the quality ;)… Tires are old, but I will probably have to make due as I want to buy winter tires for the cold months.

    Thanks for all the info!

  6. Hi All,

    I am getting ready to go to Putnam, but before I do that I need to get a few things done with my car.

    1. I was told that I need to change brake fluid. Where can I get that done? Do I have to go to the dealer? Does anyone know some good places?

    2. Brake pads? Where to buy them? Should I get OEM, or maybe some other better ones? Do I need front only or rear as well?

    3. A side question: where are people fixing their MINIs? I live in Oak Park and I am looking for a good mechanic, hopefully reasonably priced as well ;)..


  7. Brake pads? Where to buy them? Should I get OEM, or maybe some other better ones? Do I need front only or rear as well?

    Hi Kes,
    I have an extra set of R50/R53 OEM stock pads you can borrow to bring to the track.. I’ll send you an e-mail so we can work out details..

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