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WRAPUP:  The Autocross day was hot, cold, sunny, windy and rainy at various points.  Six MINIs accepted to the challenge and attended the event, and one more stopped by to visit, and check out the action.  Lots of Miatas, a bunch of Honda S2000’s, a few Camaro’s, Vetts, Subarus, BMW’s and other cars were in attendence.  People were broken out into 3 groups, to alternate working, resting and driving. Everyone was allowed 5 runs in the morning sessions and 6 runs in the afternoon session. When the dust settled, the fast car of the day was a very modded Miata running 1 minute and some change.

Everyone had lots of fun, made squealing tire noises, and had a good time.  Some of us even learned a little bit.  The Windy City Miata Club were wonderful hosts and it was really nice for them to invite our club to participate with them.  Congratulations to Russell for being fast guy of the MINIs!

Unofficial MINI results:

  1. Russell – 1:04.180
  2. Jim – 1:05.768
  3. Dustin – 1:07.468
  4. Garrett – 1:09.607
  5. Bennett – 1:10.889
  6. Steve – 1:12.975

Photos/video by: BennettRussell | Steve

Our club Auto-X is coming up on August 1st.  You must pre-register by the Wednesday prior to reserve your number.  Check out all the details HERE.

Huge thanks to the Windy City Miata club for extending an invitation to participate and offering a discount for our club!!

5 thoughts on “Auto-X reminder

  1. Um… what is AutoX? I clicked and looked at the web site… it lists lots of rules and policies and how to number your car and stuff but at no point did it really tell me what this is about. We’re newer owners of a Clubman and have been looking into MINI events we might be interested in.

  2. Hey Gary..

    An Auto-X event is a timed solo race through cones, generally in a parking lot.

    Usually the events are somewhat lower speeds (2nd gear), and the emphasis is on handling, and there are time penalties for knocking over cones. You get some number of timed runs, and the lowest time in your division wins.

    Generally there are few or no practice runs so part of the skill is to learn to navigate the course quickly. There are usually several elements such as slaloms, tight turns and larger sweeping turns.

    The Windy City Miata club FAQ’s are Here
    and Here is a little more information..

  3. Gary and Steve:

    At the Miata club events you typically get at least 8 if not over 10 runs so there is plenty of practice. They also allow you to ride with other drivers or have one ride with you so that can help you learn the course and techniques.

    Now, off to register….


  4. I had a great time Saturday (even though my time wasn’t great).

    Thanks everyone for coming out, and big thanks to Jim helping me along and taking me out for several hot laps. A couple hundred more runs and I might start getting the hang of things 😉

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