Win a MINI Cooper?

Club Treasurer Francis is a volunteer in the Aim High program as part of the Companies that Care not for profit organization.    They will be hosting a benefit dinner on November 5th, and there will be a raffle to win a MINI Cooper…

Check out all the details on this post HERE 

4 thoughts on “Win a MINI Cooper?

  1. Has anyone purchased their tickets yet??? A group of us at work has pooled money together to get a block of tickets. It’s a lot easier on the wallet for sure!

    Its a great way to help the organization to continue to do good work for the community and its a chance to win a new MINI! You know you want another MINI (or cash)!! The last day to purchase tickets is either NOV 2nd or when 500 tickets have been sold!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks to those who helped out by purchasing a raffle ticket. I was told over 10 people bought tickets from various MINI posts/threads I’ve had. Although they were well short of the ticket sales goal, the winner did receive a nice amount of cash.

    Thanks again

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