Supercar Saturday June 5th

WRAPUP: About a dozen MINIs came out to enjoy Supercar Saturday.. a great mix of newer and older club members.  We had an initial get-together and a short drive out to Glenview.  A bit of rain in the middle kept some of the coolest cars away, but there was still plenty of neat stuff to look at.   We decided to take a neighborhood drive, and the weather cleared out for smooth sailing, and a lunch stop at a great Hot Dog stop.  Huge thanks to Francis for all the event and route planning!!

Photos by: Steve


Supercar Saturdays are your chance to see the coolest cars in the North Shore.

The Chicago MNI Motoring Club will check out the mornings activites, and then off to a short area drive for lunch.

Here are the details:

WHAT: SuperCar Saturdays is a monthly car show and hangout.  We will take a short drive beforehand to arrive as a group, and then another drive afterwards

WHEN: Saturday June 5th.  We will depart from our initial start point at 9:30 am and take a short drive to Glenview so we can arrive and park together 

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WHERE: Initial meet up at Old Orchard Mall near the north end of the mall.  Head off to the car show in Glenview, and then take the long way to lunch at The Works in Glenview

WHY: Just a chance to hang out, check out some fun cars, and take a short area drive on some fun roads to lunch

WHO: This event is open to Chicago MINI Motoring Club members, plus anyone interested in the club

Add a comment so we know you will be there..  Can’t make the whole thing?  Just let us know what parts you will attend.

13 thoughts on “Supercar Saturday June 5th

  1. It is slimly possible that I will be able to join you at least at Old Orchard, pending toddler behavior and compliance issues.

  2. It is slimly possible that I will be able to join you at least at Old Orchard

    Really hope you can make it.. It’s been way too long

  3. sorry can not be there. Having daughters high school graduation party that day.

  4. Maybe next time, grandaughter’s graduation party, Elroy Wisconsin. Have a MINI fun day!

  5. Great photos Steve! And a great drive, love that route Francis! Thanks again guys for organizing the outing. Perfect way to spend a Saturday. Chris

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