Micro/Mini car World meet (08/21)


WRAPUP: We had about a dozen MINIs head out for a 20 mile scenic backroads drive, and arrived together at the Micro Car show.  Several CMMC members were displaying their MINIs as well as other very cool cars.  Almost 400 Micro and Mini cars of all shapes, sizes, and conditions were on display.  One group travelled all the way from California along the old Route 66 drive.  Volo museum also had a large number of much larger cars for sale inside, with price tags from the low thousands up to a Corvette valued at over $100,000.  This was truly an amazing show and a bunch of amazing cars. 

Huge thanks to Arnie and Lena for being amongst the small group of people that has spent the past 4 years organizing and planning to make this event as spectacular as it was!!

Photos by: SteveArnie and Lena | McHenry News |

Video by: Chris 

Come on out to the biggest small car show in the world!!  The Micro/Mini car World meet will be held in Crystal Lake on August 21st.  Hundreds of unusual Micro (under 500cc) and Mini (under 1600cc) cars will on display for you to look at and possibly even get a ride in.  There is a category for our big MINIs if you would like to enter your car in the show, or take a short group drive to attend the show as a spectator.

Check out all the details:

WHAT:  Micro/Mini car World meet for cars under 1600cc in size

WHEN:  Saturday August 21st

WHERE:  100 South Main Street, Crystal Lake.

 We will take a short fun drive to arrive at the car show en-mass:

Meet near the Dunkin Donuts at 469 West Liberty Street, Wauconda (NOTE: there is a large parking lot on the other side of the street as our meetup area) 

We are planning on departing at 9:45am

WHO:  Chicago MINI Motoring Club members, and anyone interested in the club

WHY:  Just for fun, a chance to hang out and see a bunch of really cool small cars

Need more info or would like to register?:  Check out the Micro/Mini car website HERE

  • Lena and I will be there.
    Especially since we are one of the four host couples.
    If you were there in 2006, nothing more needs to be said.
    If you were not there, It’s a really unique show and a lot of fun. We have put four years into the planning of this event. Hope to see you there.

  • Dan Peters

    I told my son about this,and he became very excited.
    So we will be there.
    The Peters family

  • Rose

    Looking forward to this event.

  • I will definitely be there. Already have my Illinois Specialty plate # 5. Can’t wait!

  • Kevin & Carolyn

    This should be the first event I can make since April! My foot should be good to go by then. So see you there!

  • Robert Pustay

    I will be there

  • Jerry & Laurel Trostle

    We are planning on attending!


    I plan to be there–maybe two of us.

  • Mark R.

    I’ll be there!

  • Jerry Fikar

    I did’nt know where to post this. Is anyone going to culvers ?

  • I did’nt know where to post this. Is anyone going to culvers ?

    Hi Jerry.. We’ll be posting the time details for the Culvers September 18th get-together in a week or so..


    See you at the meeting spot on Saturday!


  • Arnie

    Check out Micros on Route 66 on Facebook.
    They are coming to the World Meet from CA.

    There will be lots of press and a 3D movie being made as well. Ya don’t wanna miss it!


  • Arnie

    We are preregistered at 325 cars and expecting MANY more to register on site. Spectate for free or register your car, you decide. C U THERE!!!

  • Chuck & Julie

    My son is really excited! Looking forward to a great drive and show. Bringing my son’s friend and dad so they can see what this “mini/micro” thing is all about!

  • Francis

    hey everyone!! I just found out a couple of MINI friends from the STL MINIs are coming up for this! Can’t wait!!

  • Dan Peters

    Can’t make it,my son is going to have his wisdom teeth taken out friday.He is so disappointed

  • Jaclyn

    I’m in the Chicago area for a couple of weeks, so I’ll be there..

  • Kes

    Will try to make it! Might come over later on. See you all there!

  • Rose

    Great show. That’s right, the tattoo is mine, I’m in love, with MINI that is.

  • Jerry

    My thanks to Steve and the folks that planed the route
    for Saturday’s drive. Pleasent ride. Micro show was great. I remember the Nashes and the Crosly’s on the street when I was a kid. The Crosly was the first “Clown Car”. I remember seeing them at the circus
    with several clowns. I really got a kick out of the
    ice cream truck. It was a great day.

  • Arnie

    Just wanted to thank everyone for coming.
    I hope you had as much fun as we did.

  • Ray

    This was a “Super” show. I really want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the Organizers and visitors to the meet. I’ve participated in shows with full size cars.But they don’t compare to the fun I had at this one. This was my first show I brought my Velorex to.And I thoughly enjoyed being a part of it.The road tours and the drive around were a Special treat.