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The Windy City BMW club has invited members of our club to participate in several of their upcoming schools at their club member rates.  These are incredibly well run events, and you are sure to learn a bunch about how you and your MINI perform at their limits.  Knowlegeable instructors (including some from our club) help make your experience safe and fun.  These classes traditionally fill up very fast so check out the info below and sign up ASAP.


Car Control Clinic Sunday April 10th, Maywood Park:   This is the perfect class to learn safety and handling techniques for yourself and your MINI, with a focus on street driving techniques and strategies..  See what it is like to engage ABS, feel what your car does at the limits on a wet and dry skid pad, slalom course, and last minute swerving for accident avoidance.  You will have an instructor in your car for all the driving sessions.  This is THE class for a newer driver, or someone who has never explored their car’s limits.  A helmet is not required for this class.   Details and entry form are located HERE

Autocross School Sunday April 17th, Maywood Park:  This class covers many of the same concepts as the Car Control Clinic, but with a focus on beginner Autocrossing skills and techniques.  You will learn some of the autocross rules and strategies, and some of the basic physics of what happens to your car at the limits, so you can understand better what is happening and how to get the most out the situation.  Snell 2000 rated or newer helmets are required, but there are some loaner helmets available.  You will have an instructor in your car for all driving sessions. Details and Entry form are located HERE

Gingerman track day
Autobahn Country Club Driving School  April 30th and May 1st, Joliet:  If you have ever wanted to know how your car performs on a race track, this is the way to do it..  You will get both classroom sessions and plenty of track time over 2 full days with a qualified instructor by your side.   Helmets and a level of car preparation are required, and there will be an inspection event prior to the school.  Groups are broken out by skill levels, and passing zone rules are strictly enforced to maximize safety and minimize suprizes.  Details and Entry for are located HERE

Huge thanks to the Windy City Club for including our club in these events.  This is an incredible opportunity to learn more about yourself and your car.

Add a comment and tell us what events you are participating in..  If you would like to do a writeup of your experience afterwards, let us know and we will put a post out for you!!

2 thoughts on “BMW Club Schools

  1. I signed up for the Autocross school on the 17th, and also signed up for their Autocross 1 race the following weekend.

    I caught the bug last year during MTTS/MINIcross at Soldier field, and am looking forward to getting my own car out there in the fun.

  2. Mike:

    I will look for you at the AutoX school. What MINI do you have?

    We had two MINI’s at the Safety School last Sunday, but I don’t think either were from CMMC.


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