Superdawg 7/27


WRAPUP:? A truly wonderful evening..? Over 40 MINIs attended this event, including our friends from the Milwaukee MINIs..??Lots of regulars, many first timers, and several MINI friends who haven’t been out to an event in a while. ?We were greeted by perfect?weather, VIP parking, and even free soft drinks by Superdawg.? A great chance to kick back.. enjoy some great food,?fun cars, and MINI friends.

Huge thanks to our friends at Superdawg for a great time, and to Arnie for helping with the arrangements!!

Send links of photos to and I will?add them here.

Photos by: Steve |???

Superdawg is one of Chicagoland’s iconic drive-ins and one of our club favorite events!!? ?

Head out to Wheeling? to hang out with MINI friends and fill the parking lot with small cars.

Details below..

WHEN: Friday July 27th,? 7pm until whenever..

WHERE:? Superdawg?? 333 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090

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WHAT: A hangout and a chance to enjoy some good food and MINI friends.

WHO:? This event is open to anyone


Add a comment so we know you will be there!!

  • Eric

    I’ll be there

  • Nat & Jennifer

    We’ll be there.

  • CMMC_Steve

    I’ll be there, probably with the whole family.. They were dissapointed they missed last year’s event.

  • The?@SuperdawgWheel:twitter?event?is one of my favorites each year… we will be there!

  • HenryV

    Will be there, hopefully with wife in tow.

  • Nucfam

    Beth and I will be there. With the “boys”

  • Thomasine

    Lil coop and i will be there!

  • Lil coop and I will be there!

  • I should be able to make it!

  • Justin

    I’ll be there

  • Jeglum

    Ms Nanc and I will make it


    I’ll be there.? Love the Superdawg outing!

  • RoadWarrior

    In for two, weather permitting.


    In for maybe 4, but we’ll see.

  • We (all 4) plan to be there.? Lee missed it last year.

  • Grandmaster_toad

    I am going to try and make it!

  • The best hot dogs… Superdawg! We’ll be there.

  • Two of us in the Red Clubman. Had a great time with MTTS and just registered for MITO

  • Cred

    I am pretty sure my son and I will make it. ?

  • I’ll be there too!

  • Reese Loire

    I’ll be there too!

  • Bob

    We’re planning on being there!

  • Jfikar_photography

    Jerry and Abe will be there.

  • Geoff and I will be there!
    Wendy Ellis

  • Pete_Novack

    Hope to be there

  • Theresa

    Some of your Milwaukee MINI friends shall be there for perhaps one of the best malts in America!

  • Suetuff

    BEE MINI will be there! Anyone up for meeting somewhere to drive there together?

    • CMMC_Steve

      We’re packing 2 MINIs, and leaving Skokie at about 6pm..