Car Control Clinic 04/20

The Windy City BMW club has offered Chicago MINI Motoring Club members the chance to participate in their 18th annual Car Control Clinic on Saturday April 20th.

This is a fantastic opportunity to safely explore and understand the limits of your car and have a bunch of fun while doing it.  A perfect class for a younger person or someone who has not yet had a chance to feel anti-lock brakes, practice skid control and correction and emergency lane change maneuvers.

The Windy City BMW club is waiving the BMWCCA membership restriction for CMMC club members.  Cost is $60.  Space is limited and fills up fast, so contact Randy at to secure your spot.  Add a comment here so we know you are attending!!

One thought on “Car Control Clinic 04/20

  1. Come on folks lets get some MINI’s out to play! As Steve stated this is an excellent event to learn your car can teach skills that will make you a better driver in normal day to day motoring, but more importantly teaches you how to react in an accident avoidance situation. Kids, spouses and people that just have never done anything like this will benefit.
    Hope to see you there!

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