MINI / BMW coding interest

Update: Mark your calendars! The date for this event will be June 2! Coding will be on a first come first served schedule starting at 10am. See you there!!

We’re thinking of hosting a coding day sometime in late May or early June. Similar to our garage day last year, this event will be about coding the MINI computer rather than making mechanical modifications.

Ram from Madison will be visiting us here in Chicago to facilitate this event.

Ram has a list of BMW and MINI codes on his website (and also on NAM for 2nd generation and 1st generation MINIs). Some popular options include:

  • Turn off bulb checks (for those that want to use LED lights without resistors)
  • Removal of navigation disclaimer
  • Side mirrors auto folding on lock and unlock (BMW only)
  • Auto closing of sunroof when rain is detected
  • Enabling rear fogs

Not all codes work on all MINIs and several factors including your MINIs build date, factory options and other variables determine compatibility.

If you’re interested please reply to this post the following:

  • Your MINI/BMW year (build date if you know)
  • Your MINI/BMW model
  • What coding option(s) are you interested in?

Pricing for codes will be $10/option or $50 per car if you want more than 5 options coded.

21 thoughts on “MINI / BMW coding interest

  1. not a member, but mean to join

    03/2012 build date 2012 mini cooper countryman s all4

    any date is ok with me!

    code out some of the lights, seat belt gong, shortwave radio activation, shift indicator

  2. I’m interested in rear fogs, disabling nav disclaimer, closing windows/sunroof with key fob, mirror folding, etc. for my ’12 S. Preferred dates are 5/25 or 26, 6/1 or 6/8.

  3. I’d be interested in getting this done. Most likely on the 25-26 where would you be doing this at?

  4. june 1st or 2nd are good for me, can he turn off the air bag light for aftermarket seats?

  5. Guys, the folding mirrors on the MINI are NOT connected to the FRM. MINIs have an independent module to control the folding function, which is however NOT connected to the CAN network. Therefore no automation is possible and you can’t open or close the mirrors with your keyfob.

  6. June 2nd is the only day that works for me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it ends up being that day.

  7. June 1, 2, 8, or 9 for me. I have an 07 R56s and I would like the autoclose windows and roof with lock, one touch sun roof, disable passenger seatbelt.

  8. I’m interested in the nav disclaimer, windows up w/ key fob, and autosport. Where will this be happening at?

    • Looking like the date will be Sunday June 2nd and location will be in Skokie. We’ll have a modified post up soon..

  9. Question – on the NAM link option #40 “enable memory function of MSA start/stop button” mean? I have a 2007 MCS auto.

    • It is called Auto Start Stop function. The car decides when to switch off the engine (based on the charge of the battery, load, outside temperature, etc). When everything’s working correctly, it’ll switch off the engine when you pop it in neutral (with the clutch up) and then restart when you depress the clutch to select 1st gear.

      • Thanks. I have an automatic, so I don’t see the need for this for me.
        I would like coded to my 2007 R56-S, I can find out build date if it’s necessary.

        1. Remote close windows
        2. Auto unlock
        3. Power window after ignition off
        4. Always show digital speed
        5. Disable speed overestimation
        6. Opening door will not interrupt window operation
        7. Double flash hazzards
        8. Disable A/C engage with auto climate
        9. Enable alarm system
        10. One touch windows up.

        Would that be asking too much, or is that OK?

  10. Would like to code our ’11 R60S Manual. Preference is 8-9 June, then 01-02 June, can’t make 25-26 May. Interested in remote closing windows, power windows after ignition deactivation, disable speed overestimation, opening doors will not interrupt window roll-up, disable A/C with Auto, sunroof auto open/close, and if available, Sport mode on at start-up.

  11. Available 5/25 or 6/1
    2012 R60 build Feb 2012 interested in:
    1.Closing windows with lock on keyFob
    2.Opening door does not stop window roll up
    3. Sunroof one-touch vent Open/close
    4. Rain sensor close sunroof
    5.Disable over estimated speed reading
    6.Disable Key Gong/Door open reminder
    7.Sports mode at start up
    and wondering if there is a code for cruise control at start up.

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