Mini Mania Crosses America

Mini Mania Crosses America – We want to see YOU!

We are excited to announce that Don Racine, owner and founder of Mini Mania, will be traveling across the US towing his infamous 1960 Mini to take part in three exciting races: Glenora Wine Cellars US Vintage Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, NY, the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT and the Vintage Grand Prix Au Grattan XXVII in Grattan, MI. The Mini is the featured marque at the 2013 Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival and Mini Mania is pleased to represent the marque in a single piece of Mini history. Don acquired the Mini in 2009 from racing champion John Unsbee.

Here is more information about each race:

Glenora Wine Cellars US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen

Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park

Vintage Grand Prix Au Grattan XXVII at Grattan Raceway Park

On August 9th, Don, his partner Shirley and their lively pup Bella will be departing from Mini Mania headquarters in Nevada City, California in a 30-foot RV pulling a 20-foot trailer holding a 1960 Mini Don acquired from racing champion John Unsbee in 2009. The Mini did not come in racing condition, so Don worked for months rebuilding and improving its performance. Read about the rebuild here.

Throughout their trip, the trio will be stopping at numerous RV camps across America! We invite YOU to come out and see the 1960 Mini, meet Don and other Mini enthusiasts, get a free t-shirt and even pick up your Mini Mania order, avoiding shipping fees!* You can do this by joining Don, Shirley and Bella at the race paddocks or by visiting the group right at their campsite! As campgrounds are added to the itinerary we will update this article.

Mini Mania Across America is currently planning on making stops in the following cities:

Salt Lake City, UT – KOA Campsite on Saturday, August 11

Denver, CO – Campsite TBD on Sunday, August 12

Omaha, NE – Campsite TBD on Monday August 13

Grand Rapids, MI

Belleville, IL

Watkins Glen, NY

Lakeville, CT


View Mini Mania Across America 2013 in a larger map

As we add more stops on our trip we will update this article! Here is a current map of the trip. We would love to have any Mini clubs come out and celebrate not only this epic trip but an iconic symbol of the beloved classic Mini! We are also contacting MINI dealerships across America in hopes they might like to have the 1960 Mini on display for a day. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-946-2642 for more details.

* To pick up a Mini Mania order and avoid shipping fees please contact us at 1-800-946-2642.