June Drive 6/22

WRAPUP:  Great weather and a great drive!!  We had a large turnout of almost 30 MINIs of all colors and styles.. We had quite a few first timers who I suspect will be back for more drives.  We took a fun and twisty route up around Lake Geneva and back.  Huge thanks to Chris for all the route planning and and for taking the lead driving position on the route!!

Send links to photos or video to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I’ll add it here.

Photos by: Steve (and Allie E.) | Eric T |


June 22nd will be a drive from the western suburbs, running thru some fun back roads including a loop around Lake Geneva and back.

WHAT:  An 80 mile fun drive around some area roads

WHEN: Sunday June 22nd Departure at 10:30am

WHERE: Start is in the parking lot at Donley’s Steakhouse  8512 S Union Rd, Union, IL 60180


End destination will be in the town square in Woodstock Illinois


WHO: Chicago MINI Motoring Club members or potential members

WHY: Just for fun..

WHAT TO BRING:  A full tank of gas, MINI clothing appropriate for the weather, option FRS radio tuned to Channel 1, subchannel 1, a camera, and a smile.

NOTE: We do not have firm lunch plans at the end of the drive at this time, but there are several close by places in downtown Woodstock..  Depending on the size of our group, we may need to split up in several locations.

ALSO: There may not be bathrooms available at the starting area, so please plan accordingly!!


Huge thanks to Chris M. and Francis for the drive idea and planning!!


  • Eric T

    I will be there

  • Christopher Michalek

    I’m In! Can’t wait… first drive with the new MINI!

  • Chris Eakins

    I’ll more than likely be there : )

  • ChicagoRus

    Tawana and I will be there

  • Craig Nuccio

    Beth and I will be there.

  • Nat & Jennifer

    We’ll be there.

  • Terry Jeglum

    Nancy and I will also be coming

  • CMMC_Steve

    Looking forward to it!!

  • David Lewis

    Count Jen and I in.

  • Lee E.

    Lee & Phyllis will be there, maybe with Eric & Allie.

  • Lori Landwehr

    This is right in our neck of the woods! We live within minutes of Donleys :). Donley’s has great food and a huge dining room…so if you get a huge group, you could always end where you started. Woodstock has a great place ~Nikos Red Mill Tavern~ has great food as well!!! A bit smaller…but a great place to eat! Indoor and outdoor seating 🙂

    • Tamara

      Lori, that sounds awesome! Do you think I can get my mini-horse-in-my-MINI picture on Sunday? =)

  • Lori Landwehr

    Oh…lol…and Dave and I are IN 🙂

  • Chris

    Sounds great! Love that it ends in Woodstock. Will try to make this one for sure.

  • Tom C.

    Hope to make it down for this drive. Sounds like fun!!

  • Marion Wozniak

    looking forward to a great ride!

  • Dan

    Shawn and I will be coming .

  • Nicki and Stanley

    Just became new members! Looking forward to our first event with the new Mini!

  • Tamara//HatGrl1

    I plan to attend. Looking forward to it!

  • Ryan Wilinski

    I’ll be there! Looking forward to a bit of spirited driving!

  • YSR50

    I’m in

  • Bob Barrell

    Weather permitting!

  • Bob Barrell

    It was a most enjoyable drive. Thanks!

  • ChicagoRus

    Great Drive – lot’s of fun! Hope Lori and Dave made it home safe. Thanks everyone.

    • CMMC_Steve

      Yea.. they were ok. bummer on the flat tire.

      Very fun drive.. big thanks to Chris M!!