Drive~Riverboat brunch and tour!!!! SUNDAY June 26th


WRAPUP: A fantastic drive and boat cruise!!  A bit of wetness in the start of the drive, but the bad weather soon cleared out. We had a bit of drama at our rest stop with a flat tire to deal with..  Then off to the boat cruise with a great brunch and a ride up and down the river..  Our MINI Club good deed for the trip.. A lady had left her wallet on top of her car at a gas stop, and didnt realize till they got to Wisconsin.  They returned to look at the gas station to see if it fell off the car there,  but couldn’t find it.. Club members Tracy and Jim found the wallet a couple blocks away, and was able to return it to the owners.!!

Photos by Steve |

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Autobahn Car Show 5/21

WRAPUP:  A beautiful Saturday brought out 8 MINIs to Autobahn Country Club to display their car and hang out for the afternoon.  We were able to watch the Windy City BMW club driving event,  take a handful of touring laps around the racetrack, test drive a few BMW electric hybrid cars including the i8 and i3, and do a bit of kart racing..  Terry and Nancy tie for best car in show, and there were some fabulous raffle prizes!!   Huge thank you to Trent from the Windy City BMW club for including us in their event!

Photos by Steve


The Windy City BMW club has invited the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to share in their Car Show held at Autobahn race track.

This is in conjunction with their Performance Driving Event held on the same day.

Come on out and show off your MINI!!

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