2016 Coding event 10/2

WRAPUP: We had 10 MINIs and a BMW 7 series stop by to get their car coded.. popular options included auto lock/unlock, sunroof open/close via key, 5 blink turn signals for lane changes, power mirror fold/unfold on shutdown.startup.  Huge thanks for Ram for coming out for our club, and to Beth and Craig N. for hosting the event!!

Photos by:  Steve |

UPDATE:  Location details have been e-mailed out to all who have RSVP-ed.  If you would like to attend to watch or participate, send an e-mail to steve@chicagominiclub.com

We will be opening up any remaining spots to BMW club members after this Friday 9/23, so it you are interested, add a comment prior to that!!

Ram from http://www.bmwminicoding.com/ will be back in town to program options to change some settings in our Gen1, Gen2, or Gen 3 MINI.

Popular options include:

Turn off bulb checks (for those that want to use LED lights without resistors)
Removal of navigation disclaimer
Side mirrors auto folding on lock and unlock (BMW only)
Auto closing of sunroof when rain is detected
Enabling rear fogs
Sexy double blink emergency flashers

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