Kart Racing – January 28th

January is Kart Racing season for the Chicago MINI Motoring Club. To satisfy our winter time need for speed, we will again be racing at K1 Speed in Buffalo Grove with their electric karts in a 3 race Grand Prix series.

WRAPUP: We had 22 people participating and a number more spectating.  We were divided into 3 groups and the racing was fast and furious.  First place overall was Steve R, Closely followed by Kevin R, and Brian H.  Kevin R. pulled fast time of the day with a 20.105.

Photos and video by : Steve |

WHEN: Sunday January 28th registration is at 10am so we will be ready for our 10:30 race.

WHERE:  K1 Speed  301 Hastings Dr  Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

WHAT:  We will be doing a Grand Prix format.. a 12 lap practice, 14 lap qualifier, and a 16 lap final race

PRICING:  Cost is $54 (new slightly discounted price), pay on race day

WHO:  CMMC members and friends of the club.. We need a minimum of  8 people for this format.. no maximum.

IMPORTANT:  Please let us know you will be attending by adding a comment below

  • CMMC_Steve

    Looking forward to it.. Will be bringing my son along.

  • Peter Novack

    Ankle should be good by then, ready for a good as always

  • Jacob Kirkwood

    I should be there. Haven’t been to the Buffalo Grove one but the Addison one is cool.

  • Scott

    Will be there once again.
    I need to start reciting my Lighting McQueen mantra in preparation.

  • David Lewis

    Count me in! And Jen will be there not to drive, but to tell me to “Cool it out there! You’re not young anymore! You’re going to kill yourself or worse!”

  • Greg Pasquarelli

    Definitely will be there this year!


    will be there to recreate the photo above.

  • Lee

    Lee E. and one guest will be there (two drivers.) We’ll also be bringing moral support (i.e. wives.). Very much looking forward to it!

  • Lee

    So now Allie will also be joining to drive. This time I’ll try to NOT put her into the wall

    • CMMC_Steve

      I guess she has forgiven you for the last time, or perhaps she is plotting her revenge 😉

  • Sylvia

    Myself plus 2 people for sure. Possibly 3

  • Victoria L

    Martin will go kartin’—please count him in!

    • CMMC_Steve

      good stuff.. it’s been a while since he has done it with us!!

  • Reese Loire

    Matt and I will be there! + another 2

    • CMMC_Steve

      Looking forward to seeing you and Matt!!