Outdoor Karting 06/12

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club will be heading out to the Sugar River Raceway in Brodhead Wisconsin to enjoy a bit of outdoor kart racing!
Come along to participate or or to hang out and cheer on your MINI friends.


The weather was hot, and the racing was hotter!!We had 13 club members and friends participating and a few more friends watching. The karts were fast, the course was bumpy and the racing was a blast.
After 1 practice round, 2 qualifying heats and a final shootout, the young guns beat out the oldtimers this time..
Congratulations to Kevin R. for first place, Eric E. for second and Steve R. for third, and to all who came out and had a fun time!!Huge thanks to Phyllis E. for organizing this event!!

Photos by: Steve

WHEN: Saturday June 12th. Race time is 12:45. We will arrive a bit earlier to register and be ready.

WHERE: Sugar River Raceway N2236 Mt. Hope Road Brodhead, WI 53520

WHAT: We will be doing a 3 race format.. a practice, qualifier, and a final race

PRICING: Cost is $80, pay on race day.
NOTE: see the information below about appropriate racing attire, helmets, equipment, additional kart damage costs.

WHO: CMMC members and friends of the club.. We need a minimum of 8 people and maximum is 20.

GROUP DRIVE: We are looking into a meetup spot along the way for anyone interested in heading out as a group.. details will be updated as the event gets closer

FOOD: We are considering a few options.. possibly a BYO picnic meal after racing is complete or possibly a food stop on the way back afterward. Details will be updated as the event gets closer

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFO: Because we do have an upper size limit, to be able to attend, you MUST send an email to steve@chicagominiclub.com to be counted, and priority will be in the order received. If we get over 20 people interested, I will maintain a wait list.
If you cannot attend after requesting, let me know promptly so we can open spots up for others!!

IMPORTANT COVID PROTOCOLS: Be prepared for the normal mask/social distance protocols, but hopefully it will be a bit more relaxed by that time.

Huge thanks to Phyllis E. for doing all the legwork and planning for this event!!

ADDITIONAL DETAILS from the Sugar River Raceway website:
How many karts are available?
We will always have twenty (20) karts and a spare available. This is enough to race any group, as we race twenty (20) karts at a time max (this is in the sprint race format; endurance race format limit is thirty (30) karts).

Other information:

How long should we plan for a race event?
Groups of eight (8) to sixteen (16) drivers should plan on 2 hours. Groups of seventeen (17) to thirty-six (36) people should plan on 3 hours at the track. The time on track isn’t what takes the most time, it is usually how long a group spends between races bench racing. This estimate also includes time in front of your scheduled event for driver sign in. Plan to be at the track at least 15 minutes before your scheduled event

Who is responsible for damage to the karts?
Each group or rider is responsible for up to $80 damage for each kart that is damaged. These charges will be settled at the end of the session. For instance, you have a small oops in the corner with your buddy and a tie rod gets bent. You would be charged $10 for the tie rod. Let’s say you have a larger oops and a wheel, tie rod, and front bodywork are damaged. That’s $35 + $10 + $100, or in this case $80, as that is our maximum charge for damage per kart, per incident.

Do we race in the rain?
It depends. A light mist or drizzle will not stop us (we’ve even run in the snow when an October or November flurry is in the air). A heavy rain will cause us to delay while weather passes. We only cancel an event when rain has been so heavy it creates flooding of the racing surface. A damp track, from a light mist, can be great fun that requires a different diving technique. Some of our customers have suggested we put sprinklers in so they can choose wet or dry before the racing starts!

Is there a deposit or charge to reserve a date?
Yes, we require an $80 non refundable deposit when reserving a date. The deposit can be made by credit card over the phone or by cash if paying in person. If rain postponed our event there is no extra charge for rescheduling. If weather keeps us from running or rescheduling the deposit is refunded. Call 608/897-2898 for first come first serve scheduling for your event.

What do I need to wear?
Drivers must wear lace up shoes and socks (translation, no flip flops or sandals). You can choose to wear either short or long pants. The safety gear issued will be a helmet, balaclava/helmet sock, and driving gloves. Since COVID hit us we have not been providing a race jacket. We ask that racers bring their own coat at least the weight of a hoodie. This is to protect drivers from the heat of the engine. We have a thorough cleaning regimen for the helmets, balaclavas and gloves, but we are unable to keep the jackets as clean as we should for our COVID scare. 

Our guests may use their own gear if they have it. Helmets must be full face Snell 2005 minimum rating. Driving suits from other forms of racing may be used and/or a motorcycle or denim jacket. Leather or suede palm gloves are also required. Remember, the required safety gear is provided as a part of the race entry fee.