Starved Rock 11/02


REMINDER: Set your clock back on November 2nd to make sure you show up at the right time!!


CONSTRUCTION:  There is construction on I59 between I88 and Rt 34..  Best to take the route HERE


It is late fall, and time for our annual club drive out to Starved Rock State park!!

This year, we will be starting at Bill Jacobs MINI in Naperville,  and we will be heading past the State park entrance for anyone who wants to stop there, but our ending destination will be a late lunch at MJ’s pub in Olgsby Ill.

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Coding event October 25th


Ram from will be back in town to program options to change some settings in our Gen1, Gen2, or Gen 3 MINI.

Popular options include:

Turn off bulb checks (for those that want to use LED lights without resistors)
Removal of navigation disclaimer
Side mirrors auto folding on lock and unlock (BMW only)
Auto closing of sunroof when rain is detected
Enabling rear fogs
Sexy double blink emergency flashers


Wrapup: We had a good bunch of people for a day of hanging out and getting options coded   Huge thanks to Ram for driving in from Madison to make this event happen!!
Photos by:  Steve |
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