Spring Drive 4/14


WRAPUP: The weather was cold, but the roads were hot!!  After a drizzly start, 50+ MINIs took off for some backroad adventure in the Kettle Moraine area.  The sun came out and the roads cleared up for the second half of the drive as we sampled some of lower Wisconsin’s finest twisty roads.  We had people attend from as far away as Madison amd Michigan.  Lots of first-timers and a great mix of Milwaukee and Chicago club members.  Huge thanks to Beth and Craig for planning this event!! 

Send links to photos or video to steve@chicagomininiclub.com and we will add them in here.


Photos by: Steve | Peter and Jean |

Join us on April 14th to welcome in the Spring driving season with a fun ride up into the Wisconsin Kettle Moraine area.

We will be joining forces with the Milwaukee MINIs, and this drive typically brings out a large crowd

details below…

WHAT: A large multi club drive to explore some fun twisty roads.

WHERE: Chicagoland Start will be in north parking lot of Gurnee Mills Mall in the Burlington Coat Factory Parking Lot   End will be a late lunch in Muckwnago, Wi area


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WHEN: Sunday April 14th.. Start time is 9am

WHY: Just for fun!!

WHAT TO BRING: A full tank of gas, appropriate clothes for the weather, optional FRS Radio to stay informed along the way tuend to Channel1 sub-channel 1, and a smile!!   Note: this will be a longer drive of about 150 miles or so.

RSVP: Please add a comment to this post so we can plan for the correct amount of people at our lunch stop and the right number of route sheets.

  • DanC


  • Eric T.

    I will be there.

  • Nat & Jennifer

    We’ll be there.

  • Pete_Novack

    98% postive I’ll be there

  • Isaiah Gray

    I’m planning to attend.

  • Bonnie

    I have a classic Mini (1977) and hope I will be able to keep up!

    • CMMC_Steve

      Cool!! it will be great to have a classic along for the ride!!

    • buttonbag

      That’s awesome, I’ll be on the look out, what color is it?

  • CMMC_Steve

    Always look forward to the Spring drive!!

  • Craig N.

    Beth and I will be there

  • I’ll be there with Mary, Good warm-up for MOTD.

  • Phyllis E.

    Phyl, Lee, Eric and Allie will be there. Looking forward to seeing our Milwaukee MINIs friends again.

  • Jason V

    I am new to the forums and would like to go but noticed the event times are 9 am to 3 am. Is this an over nighter? or was that just a typo,

    • CMMC_Steve

      not sure what site you saw the end time from.. That would be a typo.. End will be mid-afternoon

  • nanscarborough

    Nan and Ray will be there in our Baker Street mini

  • Jason V

    Great I will be there to meet and join the club. It will be nice to learn more about this fun go-cart of a car I bought.
    I picked up a 05 blue highly modded cooper s. a cpl days ago.
    I used to do road trips like this with my neon club to Indy all the time.
    now its just trips to the dragstrip with it.

  • Cole

    havent joined the forums but ill join in! 2011 Mini cooper S (R56).

  • Murray Bruskin

    Don’t know if my first message went through. New member of both Chicago and Milwaukee clubs will be there.

  • Hi! Jill and Bean from the MKE Club will be joining. Put us down for 2 please. 🙂

  • Alice H

    I should be in town and look forward to the ride

  • Thomas grinton

    I am a definite maybe.

  • Arnie & Lena

    A lot of new peeps. PLEASE introduce yourselves at the meet. We’re often overly casual and could miss you. C YA THERE

  • Mark

    I’m planning on attending.

  • Tamara

    I plan to go

  • Shawn

    I plan to attend with a passenger.

  • We’ll be there!

  • Evan

    planning on being there with my R53 and hopefully 3 other R50/R53 minis will be tagging along with me

  • plan on making it

  • Lazlo RfiftysixS

    Chris and Kat are in!

  • Jason

    Jason and Shannon Witt will be in attendance for our first drive with the club. Can’t wait!

  • Tracy

    Jim & Tracy are hoping to be there.

    • Tracy

      We are definitely planning on being there…with Captain & Chloe too.

  • Tom C

    I RSVP’d on the Milwaukee event, but I am planning on attending.

  • Lori & Dave

    Looking forward to it! Count us in 🙂

  • buttonbag

    It’ll be me and my better half.

  • Vidya

    I’ll be there

  • Paul L

    Damn….I need a new windshield and new summer tires swapped on. I should be ready by then. Plan for me too

  • dave bertino

    dave & brenda
    we will be there

  • garman64

    Gary and cathy will be there

  • The Can

    John and Sara would like to come

  • Murray

    Myself and wife (recent transplants from Nashville) plan on attending – the outlaws run with the Milwaukee group

  • Kathy Elliott

    Kathy and Ben will be there along with Sir Paul.
    Looking forward to our first drive.

  • My girlfriend and i are interested in partaking in this event

  • My wife and I are looking forward to the 4/14 spring drive and meeting other mini owners.See you all at Gurnee Mills Sun. 9 A.M. Is there anything to do first or just show up in Gurnee. My e-mail is terose1@att.net

    • CMMC_Steve

      Hi Terrance.. Nothing special to do first (besides having your MINI ready to go for the trip).. Before we leave we’ll have you sign a pre-drive waiver, get you a copy of the route sheet, and we’ll have a short drivers meeting. This is looking like a pretty big group (over 50 cars so far), so pack a camera to get a few shots of your favorite cars.

  • Thomas Grinton

    Will this be a dog friendly event?

    • CMMC_Steve

      “Will this be a dog friendly event?”

      We do sometimes have pets travel on our events.. Just remember there will be a lot of people and it is a longer drive, so please use appropriate discretion for your dog’s temperament.

      • Thomas Grinton

        I’ll probably be solo.

  • Paul J-Milwaukee Minis, I’ll be bring the girlfriend to test her navigation skills.

  • Holly S.

    Can’t wait for Sunday! Going to be my first group drive with my MINI and I’m absolutely thrilled! Excited for these two groups to form one big group! My boyfriend and I will be driving down from Milwaukee! See you all there!

  • John Noll

    As of now, I plan to be there

  • Sad. My new mini will be delivered to the dealership on 14th. I will join next time.

  • Carrie L.

    Jim and I are hoping to make it, will be coming from MI so if we can hit the road REALLY early, we’ll be there.

  • Rich

    Well. After $1500 worth of airbags and cutting and welding the frame rail back straight, Franken-MiNi will be alive and ready to run!! See you all at 9am!

  • Chris

    Gonna try and make it, sounds like fun.

  • Linda S.

    RSVP- 1. I grew up in Mukwonago. Lots of nice roads in the area!

  • My husband and I will be attending from the Milwaukee Minis. Looking forward to the ride and lunch.

  • Jeremy Tentis

    I’ll be coming down from Madison with my 3yr old daughter who loves MINI road trips!

  • Couint us in! Joe and Terry Oberdorfer, 2 people, one MINI!!!!!!!

  • I’ll be there….though most likely in the BRZ..

  • Matt Stemrich

    I’m planning on coming down from Madison, should fun. Let me know if anyone wants to cara-van.

  • I’m planning to come along to this, from Milwaukee.

  • I’m pretty sure I’ll make it, just not sure if I will make it through the whole thing. So see everyone there, also Matt is coming, although I know he will fight with me and want to drive the TR-250…. Lol 🙂

  • Please add my name to the list. Thanks!

  • zards

    Count me in!

  • Bob Wheeler

    Dang…our Mini is still waiting in to cross the pond!

  • YSR50

    Just became a member. Family’s not up for it but I’ll be there. Will see if a friend feels like coming along.

  • Craig Williams

    Cecilia Williams & her dad Rey Navarro will be joining the parade! See you all in Gurnee Mills

  • mgtcracer

    Looking forward to a FUN drive

  • Cassandra Silva

    I’m planning to be there in my MINI S and join the club!! See ya tomorrow!

  • My family will be there

  • Myles2go

    My wife and I will be driving down from Madison.

  • Gary and Keli

    Sorry for the delay in response! Gary and Keli will attend!!

  • Jon Rogala

    I’m pretty sure that my father and I are joining in for this.

  • Shawn

    Back home in Indiana. We had a good time. I look forward to joining the club and more events.

  • Kris

    Great Event! We are looking forward and very excited for the next drive!!!
    Hopefully our navigation skills will be better next time =P