Tire Rack Auto-X October 4th – Save the Date!

Plans are still in the works, but it is looking like we will be heading over to the Tire Rack in South Bend, Indiana for a MINI meet and some casual autocross fun.

CooperBeagle on MCO has posted this info (Motocross should read Autocross): “UPDATE!!! Have been working with Alex on some logistics for equipment, etc., and we will better having our Mini Meet and MotoCross on OCTOBER 4. We will have use of the track at The Tire Rack set up with cones for a challenging run. No racing experience expected, and your Mini will be safe on this course. We will have professional starting/timing lights so you are gonna know just how fast you really are. This will be a fun event! You'll tour (parts) of The Tire Rack and meet Alex. We will have food, T-shirts and did I mention fun? There is likely to be a registration fee to cover costs such as insurance and the T-shirts, more details on registration to come. WHO'S IN?”

The entire thread on MCO can be found here

Stay tuned for more details

4 thoughts on “Tire Rack Auto-X October 4th – Save the Date!

  1. Well, Scott wasn't in St. Louis, so let's all hold him accountable in a few weeks. I will be there with bells on, hopefully with Mary in tow.

    See you there Scott (and Michael and everyone else)!

    Any chance of a one day discount?

  2. Just hit 1250mi on my 2003 MCS. Can't wait to rev it up on a track. My husband and I will be coming from Northwest Indiana. Please sign us up!!!

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