The CMMC Baseball Rally Wrap-up

I'd like to first thank everyone for coming out – what a great time! I'd also like to thank both Knauz and International MINI for donating our giveaways and for being great hosts. And finally on a personal note I'd also like to thank Robby for letting me use his grill 馃檪

If anyone has photos that they'd like to share with the rest of the club please email them to so we can get something online soon. Watch this space!

10 thoughts on “The CMMC Baseball Rally Wrap-up

  1. Thanks everyone. I had a great time as well. (of course I was still driving home as Gabe posted this message)

  2. Thanks to all!
    My kids and I had a wonderful time. The drive home was a little rough but we found a short cut, sometimes the goal is not driving with the big cars.

  3. Sure wish I could've made it. Was it a great, great time? Probably better for the Chicagoans than for the home crowd 馃檪

  4. Yes, great event. My taller brother and I really enjoyed ourselves. We'll have to do it again next year. Sorry we had to leave in the middle of it — I was on no sleep and tired. I guess beer and sun didn't help that 馃槈

    Gabe, you can grill with me anytime.

  5. Hey guys! Had a BLAST!!!! And the Cubbies won! Woohoo! Despite the yells from a White Sox fan that a certain Cubs player is taking Human Growth Hormones… 馃槈

    Gabe, I'll send the pics within the next two days.

  6. the cubbies won because of that no-named fan! i happen to know that he can be a pretty superstitious baseball fan, and he hurt his interests by being so vocal!

    i have to go wash the food particles out of my hair…

  7. Thanks to all for a great time, even though I had to sit through a Cubs game and the much touted manual score board didn't give regular updates on the White Sox game. I'm looking forward to the pictures and the next drive, maybe somewhere not so Interstate intensive. Might I suggest a drive to Mississippi Palasades State Park or Starved Rock State Park. The best image of the day was the group of bikers in Waukeegan literally standing slack-jaw as 30+ Mini Coopers drove past. Thanks to all who organized.

  8. I concur that it was a fantastic day – so many MINIS – so much grinning & the image that I liked best was the half of us who made a wrong turn in Milwaukee and all of us occupying all the streets of a single intersection trying to figure out how to get to International motors. What Fun!

  9. Had a great time. It was nice to rub shoulders with a number of you despite the fact that I don't currerently own a MINI myself. That may soon change however. 馃檪

    Great event, great people, great time, and most of all, GREAT car!

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