Original Italian Job Chicago MINI Club Screening

I'm happy to announce that the Chicago MINI Motoring Club is sponsoring a screening of the original Italian Job October 7th scheduled for 7pm at the Wheaton Grand Theater.

All those interested in the Chicago MINI Motoring Club and the original Italian Job are welcome! The event will be free for all Chicago MINI Club members (be sure to bring your membership card!) and will cost $5 for all non-members.

We'll have the theater all to ourselves and concessions will be served! Hope to see everyone there!

  • David H. McKee

    It sucks that this is on a Tuesday or I'd totally drive-up and pay my $5 to see it. Heck, I pre-ordered the DVD just to see it again (VHS copy wore out).
    Great work! to whom ever arranged this.

  • Unfortunately Tuesday was one of the only days we could have gotten the theatre. Also I felt that the 7th was the obvious day to have it since that's when the movie comes out in the US. Hence Tuesday the 7th it is. Sorry you can't make it though.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    I haven't seen the original yet. Sounds like a fun time.

  • Carl

    Sweet!!! An even being held in my back yard! If I am not there, send a search party (of minis ;))

  • Brian

    This should be a really good time. The Wheaton Grand is a historic theater in the process of being renovated to it's original splendor. If we're lucky we might be able to get a behind the scenes tour of the facility, there are Vaudeville era signatures on the wall behind the original stage. There is limited street parking in front of the theater that would be pretty cool to pack with Minis. There is also a municiple garage just west of the theater and it's free. My only question is, I don't have my membership card yet, but I've paid my money??

  • Sorry – we've been a little slow in getting the cards our the last week or two. I'm hoping to get all caught up by the end of the week. However if you don't get it before the screening we'll have all those that have paid noted and you will be still get in free.

  • Jenn and I will be there.

  • Matt Adams (Club Treasurer)

    I and the wife (still sounds wierd) will be there with bells on.

  • mark palmer

    “This is a self preservation society…hang on mates, I an idea.” A little Micheal Caine for everyone. I'll try to make it.

  • Greg Foor

    Maggie and I are planning to be there. I just have to work out an alternate route, we'll probably have to leave Ind. at the height of rush hour. Won't go near Chi-town or the Tri-State then. It'll be interesting.

  • Victoria

    I plan to be there, and my navigator will be if he's not too tired. So we're 1.5ish.

  • I am MINI-less on Tuesday — damn! But would love to go! Anyone going from downtown (and able to drop me off at any CTA stop on return)? Thanks!

  • Ben Ubben

    Hello all,

    We have had our Mini about 2 months and this sounds like a good opportunity to meet some other owners.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Tim, If you can scam a ride to Wheaton, I can take you back..

  • Matt Adams (Club Treasurer)

    tim, if you can make it to the Edison Park Metra station at 5:30, and don't mind riding in back behind the wife, i can give you a lift to wheaton.

  • jeeves

    WOW. Finally Got my computer back up and running, crippled, but running… See you at the Wheaton.

  • Matt Vogel

    I am not a Chicago Mini club member, but I check your web site occasionally for cool MINI stuff. I am so sorry I missed the screeening of the original Italian Job. Is it going to be shown again anywhere else. Thank You.

  • No it was just a one time showing. The club rented out the theatre at it's own expense.

  • Linda Tan

    Hi Everyone!! sure hate that we couldnt see the Original italan job on the big screen with you, but coincidentally, we watched it (dvd) this past wknd… I love it! and I can't get that song out of my head, “This is the Self-Preservation society!” 🙂

    I can say from 1st hand experience, that there are TRAFFIC JAMS every day in Italy! Lanes?? what lanes?? Here they squeeze as many cars onto the road as possible! and the army of mopeds descend on you like bees on honey! It's fun, though … still miss my cooper still in chicago! shopping now for older mini, british green.

  • Nick Taliaferro

    Do it again! I missed it, i would gladly go the six hour drive to see it(i'm in the louisville area).just do it on a weekend,please.

  • sean donkin

    very good

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